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Highway 99 Is the Most Dangerous Road in America

highway 99

Highway 99 and Others Dangerous Roads in California

California State Route 99 (SR-99), which stretches across almost the entirety of the Central Valley and serves the most densely populated cities in the area, has recently received the dubious honor of being the deadliest road in all of America.

According to a new study released by the consumer research company ValuePenguin, from 2011 to 2015, SR-99 saw 62.3 fatal accidents for every 100 miles, which is the most of any highway in the nation. The numbers are undeniably stark, especially for a highway that is relatively short (length is just about 425 miles).

Fresno was the hardest hit city along Highway 99 with 34 fatal accidents over a four-year period.

Not only is Highway 99 the deadliest road in America, but it has also been proclaimed the darkest highway in the United States – there were around 26 nighttime accidents for every 100 miles and nearly 40 percent of all deadly crashes in the last five years have occurred in the dark.

As if that weren’t enough, Highway 99 was the first runner-up for having the most drunk drivers on the road with 16.9 fatal DUI crashes per 100 miles, being narrowly edged by Interstate 45 in Texas which saw 17.5 fatal DUI crashes per 100 miles.

Other roads familiar to Californians that were ranked high in ValuePenguin’s study include Interstate 10 (4th place), Interstate 5 (7th place), Interstate 80 (27th place), and U.S. Highway 50 (36th place).

ValuePenguin analyzed crash data from the National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) to generate the study.

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