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How to Slow Down Speeding Drivers

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Help Prevent Car Accidents with These Tips

Every year, speeding drivers cause thousands of accidents. Not only do they endanger their own lives, they endanger the lives of everyone else on the road. Speeding kills and injures thousands of innocent people on an annual basis. If you are hit and injured by a speeding driver, then you should talk to an experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

Many accidents can be avoided if drivers just decide to follow the speed limit. Here are seven tips on how to slow down speeding drivers.

  1. Place signs in your street

One way to slow down speeding drivers is by placing signs in the street, such as “Slow Down: Children at play”, “Kid Safe Zone: No Speeding” and “Neighborhood Watch: All suspicious persons will be reported to police”. These signs are quite effective in slowing down most motorists in residential areas. However, the lack of real enforcement means that some drivers will not pay heed to the signs. Also, the danger is that some parents and children might take the signs too seriously.

  1. Build speed humps and speed bumps

Speed humps and bumps are highly effective in slowing down speeding drivers. They function as minor obstacles. The difference between humps and bumps is that that the former have a gradual rise while the latter have a steeper rise. A study by Fehr & Peers has shown that they reduce speeds by up to 22%. But the problem with them is that they can damage vehicles and cause delays to emergency responders, such as ambulances and fire engines.

  1. Create a Chicane
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A chicane is an extra bend created artificially on a road to function as an obstacle. It is usually found on motor racing tracks, but it can be used quite effectively on streets to slow down traffic. One widely used form of chicane is a double bend (a short, shallow S-shaped turn), which requires drivers to turn slightly to the left and then slightly to the right again.

  1. Place an old kid’s bike on the street

One unconventional but effective way to slow down speeding drivers is by placing an old kid’s bike on the street. It should not be placed smack in the middle of the road, but a bit off to the side. Every driver will assume that there are kids nearby and will slow down. However, it only works in residential areas. Also, the bike might get stolen.

  1. Fluorescent plastic children holding a flag

Some neighborhoods have been reported to have used small fluorescent plastic children holding a flag and a ‘SLOW’ sign printed on them quite effectively to slow down traffic. Available in department stores, these plastic toys are highly visible and work as an effective deterrent to speeding drivers if used in sufficient numbers. But it’s effective only in residential areas.

  1. Allow people to park on one or both sides of the street

Wide streets are like an open invitation to reckless drivers. They are like saying, “Hey there, we have a racing track here. You are welcome to try to beat the world record.” If you have such a problem in your neighborhood, then allow people to park their cars on one or both sides of the street. Drivers will need no persuasion to slow down when there are cars parked.

  1. Ask the police to patrol the street more often
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The presence of police is an effective deterrent to speeding drivers. But unless your neighborhood happens to be a busy street, they can’t be there all the time. However, they don’t need to be present all the time. Just the knowledge that they could be there at any time makes drivers think twice before speeding. So go to the local police and ask them to patrol your street more often.

If you or your loved one is injured or killed in an accident by a speeding driver, then you have a good case for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Get in touch with a car accident lawyer immediately to learn more about your best legal options for recovery.

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