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How to Drive Safely in Flooded Areas

California Car Crash

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Driving Safely in Flooded Areas

California has been especially hot and muggy in recent weeks, and you can blame El Niño for that. Warm ocean waters off the Mexican and Central American coast are supercharging moist air moving from Mexico into California, contributing to what some climatologists call a “monsoon on steroids.”

As we experience weather more reminiscent of Houston than Hollywood in the coming days, expect to see intense rainfall, lightning strikes, and possible flash flooding in some areas.

Do you have a road trip coming up this weekend? Ask yourself whether your journey is essential. If the answer is no, then it is highly recommended that you delay the trip until the rain has subsided. However, if you absolutely must go, then thoroughly plan your trip in advance, inform friends and family of your intended route and expected time of arrival, get your car checked out, fill up on gas, and don’t forget your mobile phone.

While driving, keep in mind that, in spite of technological improvements, cars are still not waterproof and will break down if driven through deep water. If you come across a flooded road in the course of your trip, follow the tips below in order to avoid catastrophic engine failure:

  • If you are unsure of the water’s depth, do not proceed.
  • If you decide to go through water, drive on the most elevated section of the road.
  • Drive steadily and slowly and let oncoming traffic pass first – you don’t want to create bow waves in front of your vehicle and you don’t want to stop in standing water.
  • Avoid speeding at all costs or else you may lose control of your vehicle.
  • After you have traversed the flooded road, test your brakes.
  • If your engine shuts down after driving through deep water, do not attempt to restart the car as engine damage may occur – instead call for roadside assistance and have a professional check out your vehicle.
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The experienced car accident lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm hope these tips help you avoid a huge headache, or worse, a crash this weekend. We wish everyone safe travels!

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