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How to Spot a Drunk Driver

drunk driving accident

Road Safety Tips from Our Experienced Car Accident Attorneys

It is no secret that drunk driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents on our roads today. Unfortunately, many people think they can have “just a few drinks” and drive safely afterwards. They forget that even one bottle of any alcoholic beverage could affect their coordination and reaction time, increasing their likelihood of causing an accident.

If you have suffered any injuries in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, contact us and we will assign one of our skilled and experienced car accident attorneys to provide you with the assistance you need. We will study your case, structure your claim, and handle the settlement negotiations on your behalf.

The best way of preventing drunk driving related accidents is to not drink and drive. Period! But what about the other drivers? Even though you are incapable of controlling the actions of other motorists, you should keep an eye out for the common signs of drunk driving and take the appropriate steps to protect yourself when you suspect a nearby driver to be drunk.

Here are the most common signs of drunk driving:

  1. Hitting or almost crashing into objects next to the road:Because of their blurred vision, delayed reaction time, and fatigue, drunk drivers often end up smashing into telephone poles, parked cars, and mailboxes.
  2. Floating or veering into another lane:Drunk drivers normally float into other people’s lanes because they cannot focus.
  3. Making wide turns:Over-doing certain maneuvers is a common problem with drunk drivers; their judgment is impaired.
  4. Centerline hugging:Drunk drivers tend to hug the lane divider in an attempt to avoid veering off the road.
  5. Tailgating:Tailgating is an annoying and dangerous habit on the road. And for some reason, drunk drivers also like doing it. So don’t try to speed away when being tailgated just find a safe off-road spot, turn on your hazard lights, and let them pass you.
  6. Driving below the speed limit:Traveling at more than 10 mph below the speed limit could be an indication that an intoxicated driver is trying to be extra careful to evade detection. In case a driver is traveling that slowly, you need to be careful and look for other signs of drunk driving.
  7. Excessive braking: Having limited ability to focus and react to different road situations, an intoxicated driver might brake unnecessarily and erratically in an attempt to avoid a crash and a DUI.
  8. Improper signaling:A drunk driver might end up using their left-hand signal when looking to make a right-hand
  9. Not using headlights:A driver not making use of their headlights could be an intoxicated driver not functioning well enough.
  10. Suddenly stopping for no particular reason:Stopping at an intersection that has no stop sign, at a green light, or even an empty crosswalk is another clear indication that the driver might be drunk.
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In conclusion, intoxicated drivers on the road are a risk to everyone, even themselves. Knowing how to spot a drunk driver could help you and your loved ones stay safe on the road.

Get Legal Help After a Car Accident

If you or someone you love has sustained any injuries caused by a drunk driver, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Seeking the help of experienced car accident attorneys can go a long way in ensuring that you get the highest possible compensation. The period after a car accident is very stressful, and you will need the right attorney by your side to handle your case. Car accident attorneys are there to alleviate the financial and legal stress related to car accidents.

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