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Long-Term Recovery After a Crash

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A Car Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Recovery

After a crash, recovery usually starts to occur as soon as the crash has been investigated, medical help sought, police reports together with other relevant documents gathered, evidence collected, and liability established. However, the impact of the crash could be long-lasting, which is why compensation ought to take into account the victim’s future suffering and expenses.

If you were in involved in a crash, getting proper medical attention immediately after the accident, as well as down the line, could make a great difference in your accident recovery. Below are some potential long-term injuries that many car accident victims suffer after the crash:

  • Neck injuries: The most common neck injury sustained in accidents is whiplash. This condition occurs when a car suddenly crashes into something and the victim’s head snaps back and forth. The pain might be immediately felt, or it might take some time to surface.
  • Back injuries: The most common kinds of back injuries sustained in car accidents are bulging disks or herniated disks. The disks providing cushioning and support between the spinal vertebrate could slip out of position and push against the nerve. The long-term effects of these injuries could be incapacitating if not attended to.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Brain injuries are often suffered by victims in more serious collisions. A concussion is a brain injury which needs immediate care and attention to prevent long-term consequences or even death. The symptoms of brain injury can be subtle and difficult to detect, so it’s important to get medical attention after a crash no matter what. Talking to a car accident lawyer (after getting medical help) could help you get the compensation you are entitled to from the insurance company to cover your medical bills.
  • Lower extremity injuries: These areas include the thighs, hips, ankles, and knees. If your car is involved in a front-end crash, the dashboard, steering wheel, or even parts of the engine could crush your hips and lower legs. At times, these injuries might permanently affect your life.
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Long-term emotional and physical effects of a crash

There are those injuries that are not immediately clear after a crash. However, in spite of when the injury first manifests itself, it could have a long-term effect. One of the areas where car crash injuries are often long lasting are those linked to emotional or psychological trauma. Emotional and mental injuries to an individual after an accident include emotional anguish, mental distress, anger, fear, humiliation, embarrassment, shock, loss of appetite, sudden episodes of crying, lack of energy, weight fluctuations, sleep disturbances, sexual dysfunction, and mood swings. Research shows that a third of those people involved in nonfatal crashes continue having the above-listed symptoms of emotional trauma for about an entire year after the crash including depression, phobias, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Recovery for the long-term mental and emotional injuries should be calculated in the pain and suffering damages sustained. In cases involving long-term recovery, having a good car accident lawyer by your side is very crucial; he/she will ensure that you are fairly compensated.

Common severe physical injuries associated with car accidents include neck injuries (whiplash), back injuries (disk damage), head injuries (concussions and TBI), and lower extremity injuries. More serious, long-term injuries that could result from car accidents include paralysis, amputations, or even TBIs that result in reduced mental capacity. Additionally, soft tissue injuries which affect the tissues connecting and surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments are also long-term. It is for this reason that establishing the degree of injury as well as its potential for future pain and suffering is an important aspect of recovering from a car accident.

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If you have sustained serious injuries from an accident, it is important for you to discuss the state of your injury with a skilled car accident lawyer who can take into consideration the potential for future losses and suffering in order to protect your legal rights to full and fair compensation.

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