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Medical Records Can Make or Break Your Case

Keep Medical Records After an Accident

Nothing is worse than getting injured in an accident. The results of accidents stemming from negligence can vary, but usually cause major damages, such as:

  • Property loss or damage
  • Physical, mental, and/or psychological injuries
  • Loss of life (wrongful death)

Whatever your injuries are, be them severe or benign, if you intend to recover compensation, it’s imperative that you seek out the proper medical treatment.

The BEST medical treatment, that is.

Even if you don’t have insurance.

If you have sustained serious injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, and you’re not sure where to seek medical help, we strongly urge you to contact Wilshire Law Firm as soon as possible.

Our legal experts are ready to assist your every need in finding the best car accident doctors in California! Call today! 1-800-522-7274

Why are medical records so important?

Medical records are incredibly important because they prove that you sustained injuries. They also help put a monetary value (or begin to) on your injuries, which will help initiate the settlement negotiation process.

Without these crucial documents, your chances of recovering compensation for damages sustained during an accident dwindle dramatically!

Aside from your police report, medical records may be the most important set of documents at your disposal when it comes to defining your case facts.

Refusing medical treatment is a common, devastating mistake

The immediate moments after an accident are confusing in many ways. No one expects to be in a car accident, and, certainly, no one is prepared to deal with the immediate aftermath.

In these moments, we are forced to make decisions that we’d prefer to never think about. One of the most critical decisions that you can make is whether to receive medical treatment or not.

Many people decide to delay their medical treatment in wake of a crash. Sometimes, it’s pride, but oftentimes, it’s because they’re scared of paying medical bills.

Refusing medical treatment for your accident-related injuries can be devastating to your case.

Even if you do not have insurance, you should always seek medical treatment. This is your life we are talking about.

Once you receive the proper medical treatment, it is absolutely imperative that you contact the award-winning car accident attorneys of Wilshire Law Firm.

You need a team of award-winning trial lawyers that know how to help you pay your medical bills, and win you rightful compensation so you can pay off other expenses, such as:

  • Rehab
  • Rental vehicles
  • Therapy
  • Property damage
  • Many other unforeseen damages

When you see a doctor, listen to what they say, but don’t admit fault!

It is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions when you receive your medical treatment. For instance, if they give you a written note, excusing you from work, do not disobey his or her suggestion and go to work! If your doctors wants you to refrain from working, and you have a note, you may be entitled to lost wages compensation.

One of the most common mistakes personal injury victims make is neglecting to follow through on their doctor’s suggestions. For instance, if your doctor asks you to follow up in a week, follow up in a week! If he says to check in with him in three months, check in with him in three months!

These are the types of tasks the team of Wilshire Law Firm helps clients with every day. Not to mention, we will arrange rides to and from the doctor for you, with no upfront cost!

What if I don’t have health insurance?

Regardless of your health insurance status, if you neglect to listen to you doctor in the immediate aftermath of your accident, you could fall victim to unforeseen future medical expenses.

The decision to go to a doctor now will end up saving you money in the long term.

Procedures are in place to treat your injuries, regardless of whether you have insurance or not. So, do not shy away from doctor’s visits!

Wilshire Law Firm is prepared to help you pay for your medical bills, and arrange rides to and from the doctor, regardless of your insurance status.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, we strongly recommend that you contact the award-winning personal injury lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm. Our team is available, 24/7, 365 to take your call and give you a free case evaluation. Call now to find out if you have a case: 1-800-522-7274.

You could be entitled to serious compensation.

What is the longest I can wait to see a doctor?

It is highly recommended that you see a doctor within your first 7-10 days of suffering through an accident. This is the optimal time for you to record your doctor visits and get on your road to recovery.

If you aren’t able to make it to the doctor in your first 7-10 days, by no means are we telling you that going to the doctor is a waste of time after that time period! It is extremely important that you seek proper medical treatment as soon as possible!

If you need help finding a doctor, call our team of experts at Wilshire Law Firm. We will help you find the right doctor and the right medical treatment with no upfront cost.

Don’t delay, call Wilshire Law Firm today!


Other mistakes you should avoid with regards to medical treatment

  • Neglecting to take notes of all your doctor visits in a personal notebook
  • Keeping track of, and adhering to all the doctor’s suggestions
  • Overtreating or double-treating yourself
  • Missing scheduled doctor appointments

These mistakes will not only delay your recovery, they will hurt your chances at receiving fair and just compensation for your damages!

Pay attention to these rules and your road to recovery will be much smoother than you once thought.


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