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Multitasking Is a Myth: The Dangers of Distracted Driving

distracted driving

Car Accident Lawyers Say Keep Your Eyes on the Road

Multitasking is the notion that humans have the ability to do two or more things proficiently at the same time – for instance, watching TV and talking to someone on the phone. While this seems like a mightily convenient skill or ability to have, it is a myth. Various studies have revealed that even though many people think they have the ability to multitask, humans can effectively perform only one task at a time.

Distracted driving is based on the myth of multitasking. The fact that someone thinks that he or she can do two or three things competently at the same time makes them confident that they can text or talk on their phones while driving their cars. Now that we know multitasking is myth, it means that no driver can really drive and do something else at the same time. Texting or calling someone while driving interferes with your judgment, reaction time, and ability to be aware of your surroundings. This greatly increases your likelihood of getting involved in an accident.

According to statisticians, distracted driving is a factor in more than 4,000,000 collisions annually in North America. One study recently that using a cell phone while driving has the same effect as driving drunk. Another report published in 2010 by the Transport Institute at Virginia Tech stated that texting drivers were 23 times more likely to be involved in collisions or near-collisions compared to non-distracted drivers. These reports go a long way in showing how dangerous distracted driving is.

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It is important to understand that distracted driving isn’t caused by texting and calling alone. Even talking to other passengers in the car can count as a distraction. Other distractions include SnapChat, using other mobile phone apps, tuning radio stations, adjusting the GPS, eating or drinking in the car, and other external distractions. These driving distractions can affect you both mental and physically. Mentally, you will not be able to totally focus on the road as you are doing two different things at once, and physically, at least one of your hands will not be on the steering wheel. Remember, it takes only a few seconds of distraction and bam! You have rear-ended someone or drifted into oncoming traffic.

The worst thing is that most drivers seem to not be aware of the implications of distracted driving. A lot of drivers don’t even realize that they are distracted. It is only after they get involved in car accidents that they realize that what they were doing was wrong and start looking around for car accident lawyers. However, even the best lawyers may not be able to help a distracted driver after an accident because distraction constitutes negligence. The best thing to do to prevent distracted driving is to put your phone on silent mode, switch it off, or consider putting it somewhere in the car where you can’t easily reach it.

As you can see, multitasking is a myth and the dangers of distracted driving are real! Take care when you are on the road and don’t text and drive or otherwise get distracted while driving your car. Your family could get the best car accident lawyers but even a million dollars in compensation won’t bring you back! Calling, texting, talking to other car occupants, eating, drinking, or engaging in other distractive activities while driving will only increase your likelihood of causing a car crash. Don’t be a part of the statistics.

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If you have been involved in an accident in which the other driver was distracted or negligent, you deserve to be compensated. Call us and we will assign one of our best car accident lawyers to help you get the maximum value of your case.

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