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Recovering Lost Wages After a Car Accident

lost wages

Tips from Our Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer

When you get seriously injured in a car accident, your injuries might cause you to miss work for weeks or even months. If your injuries are especially severe, it might render you incapable of handling the physical demands of your job. This might eventually force you to take on a less physically demanding job and earn lower wages.

Individuals who sustain injuries from a car accident are entitled to compensation for their losses, including lost wages. How the lost wages will be recovered is based on several factors, including the state laws, the nature of employment, the severity of the accident, who was at fault, and whether you plan to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. This article discusses the basics on recovering lost wages after an accident.

Proving lost wages

Regardless of whether you seek to recover your lost wages by filing a lawsuit or making an insurance claim, you need to back up your case with proof. It is not enough to state that you were not able to make it to work. There should be a direct link between the injuries you suffered and the period that you were not able to make it to work, and the link should be supported by your doctors and medical records.

Some insurance companies could even ask you to agree to an Independent Medical Exam (IME). Such an exam is demanded in some insurance policies, and refusing to submit to the examination might negatively affect your chances of recovering any lost wages. In the course of the litigation process, the judge too might order you to undertake an IME.

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If you are capable of proving your time away from work was a result of the injuries linked to the accident, you should be able to easily get compensated for your lost wages and medical bills as well. Simply put, any number of days you missed work in the past because of injuries caused by an accident are compensable by law.

Looking into the future

If your loved one was lost in a fatal accident and you are suing for future lost earnings in a case before a jury, you will need an expert to testify as to your loved one’s past, his or her financial status prior to his or her death, and how much he or she would probably have been paid in the future if the accident had not occurred. Proving future damages is challenging and complex, and it is something best left to financial experts to figure out.

Talk to a car accident lawyer

For you to present a successful claim, you should be able to detail all of your losses. To do this, you will certainly need professional legal representation. The more evidence you gather and present, the higher your chances of winning the case and receiving the compensation you are entitled to.

Premier Car Accident Lawyer in California

A skilled and experienced car accident lawyer will look into the accident and present a strong claim on your behalf. Insurance companies tend to make settlement offers which are significantly less than the value of the claim. A car accident victim who is dealing with an insurance company for the very first time will likely be at a disadvantage. On the other hand, a skilled car accident lawyer has a better sense of the value of your claim and will certainly improve your chances of getting the maximum compensation for the damages suffered.

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