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Tips for Taking Effective Car Accident Photos

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8 Tips for Effective Car Accident Photos

Well-taken car accident scene photographs can make the difference between a strong case and a weak one. They not only provide clear and obvious evidence of what occurred, but also reveal subtle details that may have been overlooked. They can be used to reconstruct the accident scene and convince the insurance company of your side of the story.

When taking accident scene photos, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Start with wide shots. Establish a general sense of the accident scene before delving into details.
  • Take clear shots of traffic indicators, including signals and signs. These can be tied to the liable driver’s negligent actions that led to the accident.
  • Photograph all involved vehicles. The photos should show their proximity to the site of the accident, as well as to each other.
  • Use reference points to highlight key details. If the liable driver ignored a sign or signal leading up to the crash, make the violated sign or signal a focal point of your photos. Also include photos of nearby street signs that identify the location of the accident.
  • Photographs of damages to involved vehicles should be as clear as possible. The damages tell the bulk of the tale. Make sure you capture them well.
  • Look for potential evidence in the environment. Skid marks, broken glass, damaged signs, etc. – take photos from close and long range views, and different angles to show how they fit into the narrative of what occurred.
  • Take photos of participants. This includes all involved drivers, passengers, witnesses, paramedics and police officers. You want to connect faces with actions and statements. This will help avoid confusion later on.
  • Photograph injuries. It may be a gruesome task, but you want to be able to capture the injuries with as much detail as possible. The more graphic the images, the more powerful they will be as evidence.

Taking good photos is only a part of building a compelling case. Getting an experienced and trustworthy car accident attorney is another. Call Wilshire Law Firm at (800) 522-7274 for representation from the best personal injury law firm in California. We can give you a comprehensive evaluation of your rights and best legal options in a FREE consultation.

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