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Top 5 Jogging Safety Tips

jogging accident

Safety Advice from Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Jogging is one of the best cardio exercises out there. In a subdivision or private community, jogging is generally safe, considering that the ratio of people to cars is pretty high. One can jog and feel safe since cars rarely come. In urban areas, however, pedestrian accident attorneys say that a jogging accident due to crashes and collisions is one of the top issues for their clients as far as road accidents are concerned. Every year, around 5,000 pedestrians, including joggers, die in crashes. If you do not want to become part of that statistics, follow the tips for safe jogging below.

Wear Bright Clothing

Whether you are running in the morning or at night, bright clothing makes you more visible. Your movement creates visual inconsistencies that alert drivers, telling them that something is moving. At night, it is best that your wear reflective clothing that lights up even if the drivers are still a few hundred meters away from you.

It also makes sense that you wear a safety light. Sometimes, car lights will not hit your reflective shirt, especially in curbs, and the drivers will not see you. But if you are wearing a safety light, the driver will be able to see a moving light and will slow down as he looks where the light is coming.

Run with a Partner

It is a good practice to run with a buddy, not only because it adds another layer of safety but also because there is someone who can call for help should anything bad happen. Your partner must have the same security priorities as you do, and both of you, as much as possible, should have reflective clothing and headlights. It should be easier for drivers to spot you when you jog in groups of two or more. Apart from car crashes, your buddy is also a great deterrent against crimes.

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Run During the Day

It is always safer to run during the daytime than night. During the day, drivers are much more wide awake than drivers at night. Drivers at night are usually exhausted. Even if they are not, most drivers at night are more aggressive, knowing that the roads are likely to be empty.

Studies also show that it is easier to see a reflective shirt during the day because the sun amplifies the reflection. At night, the reflective shirt only shines when a headlight hits it – by the time the driver sees the shine, it may already be too late.

Regarding crime, attackers are less likely to rob you in daylight, where there are lots of people. However, you still have to take precaution when jogging in trails. It is better to jog with a partner in secluded routes.

Forget the Headphones

Unless you are going to run on the track, never wear headphones. A lot of accidents happen because the jogger fails to hear incoming vehicles from behind. By the time they take a look, they have already made a dangerous maneuver, or crossed the street, before seeing the speeding car behind them.

If you have to talk to somebody, stop and make the phone call. It is never safe to wear headphones and listen to music while jogging. If you are on the road, your ears should focus on picking up the sounds of potential hazards around you, not music. If you fail to hear an oncoming hazard and make an ill-advised sidestep or turn, you could get into a lot of trouble.

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According to a study, the number of joggers involved in accidents wearing headphones increased 300% over the last six years.  Sadly, 70% of all these resulted in death.

Run Against the Traffic

While riding, cyclists must ride with the traffic flow because they have to obey the same traffic rules like car drivers do. It is not the same with jogging. When jogging, you should run against traffic. The logic behind this is that car drivers see far ahead and once they see you, they know that they have to slow down or move a little to the left not to hit you. The downside here is that headlights may blind you, in which case, you must wear a visor. Never wear sunglasses, even during the day. Sunglasses prevent you from seeing appropriately.


Jogging is fun and healthy. But it does not have to be dangerous. Most of the time, joggers are stubborn enough not to follow road safety tips, pedestrian accident attorneys say. They always insist on taking their technology with them, like cell phones, and listen to music while jogging or wear favorite clothing brands that do not have any safety feature like reflective design.

Although car drivers are at fault most of the times, that is beside the point. What is unequivocally important is that joggers exercise without incident. Following the tips above reduces your risk of being a victim.

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