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What to Do after a Rear-End Collision


4 Steps to Take after a Rear End Collision

If you got rear-ended by another vehicle, then your insurance claim should be cut-and-dry, right? However, it is not guaranteed that you will be given the coverage you deserve. Even if the other driver was obviously at fault for the accident, their insurance company may assert otherwise and dispute your claim. In other words, you may need to put up a fight and defend your right to fair compensation for your damages. These tips can help.

  • It cannot be said enough: TAKE PICTURES! With just about everyone carrying mobile devices nowadays, there’s no excuse not to. Photos are hard evidence, as in hard to dispute. Having good, clear photos can save you from a “he said – she said” event.
  • Get insurance info from the other party. Even if you don’t notice any immediate damage to your vehicle, or the damages appear very minor, ALWAYS exchange insurance information. And don’t accept under-the-table cash offers. The damages may be more severe than they initially appear, and you don’t want to get stuck with a bill that you could’ve gotten covered by the insurance company.
  • Contact the police. Most likely, the police will make a report supporting your version of events, since the law generally favors the individual who got rear-ended. Having such a report on hand will help you reinforce your claim.
  • Go see the doctor, even if you don’t feel any pain. Rear-end accident victims usually suffer some type of back or neck injury, which is no joke. You don’t want to forego medical attention, only to feel debilitating symptoms down the line. To ensure that you get the medical coverage you need, make all of your medical appointments.

One more tip: consult with the experienced car accident attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm to learn about your rights and legal options, and to get professional help determining the best course of action for your case. Our consultations are always FREE, plus we charge zero upfront attorney fees. So there’s no reason to delay – call us today at (800) 522-7274 for immediate assistance.

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