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Why You Shouldn’t Eat and Drive at the Same Time

eating while driving

WLF Car Accident Attorney Advises Against This Dangerous Behavior

Recently, most of the public safety advisories regarding distracted driving has been directed towards the use of mobile phones while driving. Several states have even instituted full or partial bans with regards to cell phone usage while driving so as to limit this type of distracted driving. However, people seem to overlook other types of distracted driving, especially eating while driving. Eating while driving is another dangerous form of distracted driving; like texting or talking while driving, it impairs the ability of the driver to recognize and react to possible road dangers.

Eating while driving is the worst form of distracted driving for any driver! A study conducted on 1,000 drivers by ExxonMobil found that more than 70% of drivers confess to eating while driving and 83% of them take beverages when behind the wheel.

Another study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that those who eat and drive at the same time increase their odds of getting involved in a crash by 80%. They also found that 65% of near miss crashes are caused by drivers eating while driving. Those are some pretty scary and eye-opening statistics!

The NHTSA took a step further to provide a list of the most dangerous beverages and foods.  Starbucks will probably be very disappointed to know that coffee ranks first. Coffee is the most dangerous food item to have in your car with regards to distracted driving. Just think about it, what would happen if the hot coffee accidentally spills on your lap? Even if your coffee is resting in the cup holder, you still aren’t completely safe. What if you hit a pothole? That’s correct – your precious coffee may be placing you at risk of a crash. Do not drink (coffee) and drive.

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“What particularly makes eating while driving dangerous?” you might be wondering. Below is why:

  • Eating prevents a driver from keeping both hands on the steering wheel. In other cases, the driver even tries to steer the car using their knees, which is very dangerous.
  • Eating takes a driver’s eyes off the road. Remember, it only takes a few seconds of distraction for an accident to occur.
  • Eating prevents drivers from noticing any changes in the road conditions, or even important signs of potential danger.
  • Eating could slow down the driver’s reaction time and prevents them from making the necessary maneuvers so as to evade car accidents.

Wrapping it up

A lot of people view texting or drinking while driving as the only dangerous and unacceptable road behaviors. Eating while driving is often ignored and is not really considered as a risky behavior by many drivers. Eating forces the driver to operate the car with one hand only, which could easily cause the driver to veer off and cause a fatal crash. Driving needs complete concentration and might be greatly compromised if the driver fails to totally focus on the road. Distracted driving not only endangers your life but that of other road users as well. You do not want to find yourself in a situation that will leave you contacting your car accident attorney to help you clear the mess you have made.

You may be eligible for monetary compensation if you or someone you love sustains injuries from an accident caused by a careless driver. To get full compensation, you will certainly need a good car accident attorney by your side. An experienced car accident attorney will ensure that your legal rights are protected and that you are treated fairly. Do not hesitate to contact us for legal advice and representation.

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