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Death and Grief Support Groups

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Find out How Grief Support Group Can Be Helpful for You

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult, especially if he or she was killed in a preventable accident. You cannot believe that your loved one is truly gone, that he or she was taken away from you so suddenly. Lately, you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by loss, disbelief, and uncontrollable emotions. Some days, the physical and mental toll is so heavy that you barely function.

While grief is not uncommon among wrongful death survivors, it can take over your life if you attempt to cope all by yourself. In times like this, it is okay – no, essential – to lean on friends and/or family members for support. You may also want to consider a grief support group to assist you in coping with the death of your loved one.

What Is a Grief Support Group?

Grief support groups are made of individuals who are all coping with the passing of a loved one. They are typically organized and directed by a social worker, trained grief counselor, psychiatrist, or psychologist, whose role is to facilitate open discussion among survivors about how they’re coping with the mourning process. The idea is that members can help each other heal with support and encouragement.

The Benefits of a Grief Support Group

There are numerous benefits to going to a grief support group. The primary advantage is being able to meet and discuss your experiences with other individuals who are going through something similar and thus can relate to you better than most. Grief support groups provide safe, judgment-free spaces where, together, members can gain a deeper understanding of their grief and find comfort and companionship in solidarity.

To find a grief support group near you, ask your local hospital, hospice group, church, or other religious/community organization. You may also want to check with the funeral director that handled your loved one’s funeral arrangements. Many funeral directors will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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