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Coach Sues Little Leaguer

Coach Sues Little League Baseball Player

Little Leaguer Baseball Is Getting Sued by Coach

Coach Sues Little League Baseball Player

“At first I thought it was joke,” Paris (the little leaguer’s father) said Tuesday. “Now, I think it’s absurd.”

In legal papers filed in court, the teen’s former coach, Alan Beck, contends the boy “carelessly threw a helmet, striking Plaintiff’s Achilles tendon and tearing it.”

Although it may seem strange to hear that a child being sued by adults, it’s legally feasible in many states.

The legal filings show Beck is seeking $500,000 for pain and suffering, and more than $100,000 for lost wages and medical bills.

In the case of the coach suing the Little Leaguer, the teen is 14, so he could be held liable if another 14-year-old Little Leaguer would’ve known that tossing his helmet after scoring the winning run could seriously injure someone. However, the Little Leaguer claims that he was just excited after his team’s victory and threw off his helmet in celebration.

If the plaintiff can prove that the boy knowingly threw the helmet and knew the consequences the boy and his family could be held liable, but under California law, parents can only be made to pay up to a certain amount (“up to $25,000,” according to the law, though this amount is adjusted for inflation every two years) for intentional torts.

It’s important to note that some homeowners insurance covers accidents like this. Unfortunately the boy’s family didn’t have such insurance.

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