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Hotel Data Breach Goes Way Beyond Trump

Learn more at HotelGuestDataBreach.com.

Over 35,000 were affected by data breaches, according to Sabre.

It’s been reported that guests of Trump Hotels’ 14 international locations who used credit cards to book rooms are now victims of the latest, and potentially greatest, data breach by hackers.

Apparently, hotel room booking software Sabre SynXis is responsible for the breach.

Thousands of other hotels were affected besides Trump International, putting, potentially, millions more guests’ data at risk.

Even though the Trump brand will receive the major headlines, it is important that victims of these other data breaches receive justice.

Thousands of hotels besides Trump were affected.

Sabre SynXis executes and keeps records of hotel guest credit card information for over 35,000 hotels and they recently admitted that their data was hacked.

So far, three other major hotel chains have admitted that they use Sabre’s system and that their hotel guest information has been breached:

  1. Four Seasons
  2. Loews
  3. Hard Rock

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is anticipated by many that more hotel chains will release statements, admitting that their data was breached due to their use of Sabre’s system.

To learn more about this incredible development, go to HotelGuestDataBreach.com today. If you stayed at one of the 35,000 hotels that use Sabre’s system, you may be able to entitled to compensation.

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