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How Car Insurance Companies Mislead Customers

Dennis Haysbert struts onto your screen and tells you “you’re in good hands”. Flo’s energy inspires confidence in you. A gecko with a British accent disarms you into trusting him. Advertising, from celebrity endorsements to original mascots, is just the tip of the iceberg of tactics that insurance companies use to convince their clients they have their best interests at heart.

Ultimately, though, it’s not personal—it’s business. Insurance companies, whether they offer coverage for health, life, house, fire, car, etc, are selling peace of mind. Consumers pay a monthly premium in order to free themselves from the worry of what to do in the case of a catastrophic event. However, what’s best for insurance companies is for those catastrophes to never happen, so when they do happen, companies do everything they can to pinch every penny.

The best way to protect yourself from the money-saving techniques these companies use is to hire a lawyer. Nothing, not even the list of tactics that follows, is a substitute for the legal expertise and a caring human mind.

Dishonest Insurance Adjuster

Common Tactics Car Insurance Companies Use

After you file your claim, insurance companies will sometimes attempt to delay or get out of your claim. Because they don’t want to pay out any money as for them any payout is a loss, they might attempt to redirect the blame for the accident to you or a third party so as to not be responsible for paying you. Similarly, they may delay processing your claim in the hope that you’ll drop it, forget about it, or accept a low settlement. You may have to call them numerous times to get in touch with an agent or adjuster who can create movement with your case.

Similarly, insurance companies may minimize your medical condition or ask for your medical records to gather information to lower the monetary value of your claim. The only person who should ever speak to you about the status of your medical condition and treatment is a medical professional. By appearing like a friend or an ally, however, insurance adjusters may position themselves in a way to suggest that your injuries are less severe to discourage you from pursuing more costly treatment. Allowing this approach to influence you can negatively impact your health and finances. Additionally, after positioning themselves as allies, adjusters may ask for copies of your medical records under the guise of helping you. What is more likely is that they’ll be looking for loopholes that will lower the cost of your claim based on the notes from your history, examination, and treatment.

Worse yet, companies may get more aggressive by demanding a statement from you, coercing you into admitting fault, or offering you money to sign a release. These tactics are part of companies utilizing a pressure-based approach. When you call and report an accident, they may say that it is important to get your version of events on record. They may even ask if they can capture an audio recording of your statement. You do not have to agree to the audio recording or even say anything if you do not want to. In fact, remaining silent gives them fewer of your words that they can use to show that you admitted fault even when you didn’t. If an adjuster becomes especially aggressive, he or she may offer you money to sign a release which would end all of the company’s involvement in the situation, including potential future medical treatment.

Most importantly, do not listen to companies claiming that you do not need a lawyer. They do not want you to retain representation because your doing so makes their job more difficult. With a talented and compassionate attorney on your side, the likelihood of you receiving the settlement you deserve increases—and that kind of settlement is what insurance companies want to avoid.

The best way for you to avoid and combat these tactics insurance companies use is by having successful representation on your side. At Wilshire Law Firm we will win you the settlement you deserve for your car accident, motorcycle accident, or personal injury case. and help you manage your other experiences related to the accident so you can take care of yourself and your family the best way possible. We have your best interests at heart. Contact us today at 1-800-522-7274.

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