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Don’t Let Your Summer Vacation Turn Into a Nightmare!

Learn more at HotelGuestDataBreach.com.

Can you believe we’re already halfway through July? School’s out for the summer. The pool party invites have all been sent and received.  And everyone is going to be so proud of you when they see your $100 trendy, new floating swan!

You’re doing it wrong, Kendall!

The temperature has officially skyrocketed.

You know what else really skyrockets during the summer?

Elon Musk’s toy collection?

Yes… but what else?

Simon Cowell’s TV ratings?

Getting warmer…

Motorcycle accidents?

Yes, unfortunately, that is also true. In fact, over 1.3 million people die in road crashes every year. That’s 3,287 per day. It’s very sad, and you can learn more about how Wilshire Law Firm helps motorcycle accident victims and their families every day here.

But what we’re talking about today happens much more often than any of that stuff.

We’re talking…

People moving.

Vacation rentals.

Hotel room prices, oh my!

Here’s something you don’t think about every day: That hotel and airfare booking app that you love so much because it, “Always gets the lowest price because nobody knows about it yet!” Well, sorry to burst your floaty swan, but other people know all about it.

40 million people per month, that is!

According to eBizMBA, a company that continually ranks subsets of websites’ Alexa Global Traffic Rank, the travel website booking.com will host over 40 million unique monthly users this July.

So, where does your “secret app” rank?

  1. Booking 40,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  2. TripAdvisor 38,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  3. Yahoo! Travel 36,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  4. Expedia 25,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  5. Priceline 20,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  6. Hotels 16,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  7. Travelocity 14,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  8. Kayak 13,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  9. Orbitz 11,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  10. Hotwire 8,500,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  11. HomeAway 8,250,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  12. TravelZoo 7,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  13. AirBnB 6,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  14. LonelyPlanet 4,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
  15. Viator 3,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors
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Add ‘em all up and you’ve got 250 million+ people visiting the top 15 travel websites every month.

Source: http://www.ebizmba.com/articles/travel-websites

Think about all those financial transactions….

Could you imagine if one company was responsible for safeguarding all the data that transferred on all of those websites?

We’re talking MILLIONS and MILLIONS of files containing people’s most personal financial information.

Their full names.

Credit card numbers.

Security pins.

Dates of birth.

Home addresses.

And the hotel they stayed in while they were on vacation.

Are you scared yet?

Now, imagine that company held all that information for six months after the transaction took place. Then, that same company got hacked and, for over six months, all that information was accessed by criminals, stolen and sold.


The company’s name is Sabre SynXis. You probably have never heard of them, but they are the one’s who have been producing software that virtually the entire travel industry has been using to make digital reservation transactions since 2004.

All those pretty websites that we like to visit 250 million times per months and book our travel with? Yeah, they are the reason that shiny, new identity theft appeared on your bank statement last Thursday.

Sabre, which generated $3.37 billion in revenue in 2016, has already admitted that their system has been hacked, and that data was stolen. Learn more about Sabre here.

It’s like leaving your front door open and a note on the front gate to your house that says, “Are you a burglar? We’re away vacation. There are cookies on the counter. Milk in the fridge. Oh, by the way, grandma’s diamond necklace is in the third drawer from the top of my bedside table. By the way, the TV remote needs new batteries. Enjoy stealing my life!”

Seriously, this is not a joke, and if you have EVER used any website or app to book any hotel in any location… your personal information (the same items listed above) was (and still may be) seriously at risk.

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Wilshire Law Firm is currently in the process of investigating what actually happened to seek justice for everyone who has been affected by this major negligence.

If you or someone you know used any travel booking website, we strongly urge you to visit HotelGuestDataBreach.com to learn more about this developing case.

What does America love to do during summer vacation?

We’ve established that people love to pack their bags and get the heck out of the house during the hot summer months.

Big whoop.

BUT… can you guess what the people are doing while they’re in travel mode?

America’s favorite summer vacation activity: What is it?

Here’s a hint: it’s not skiing.

Another guess before we take deep dive?

Going once…. Twice….

Time’s up!

Enough about America, what is your favorite summer vacation activity?

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