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How to Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

How to Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

What Are the Qualities of the Right Big Rig Accident Attorney?

Are you looking for a big rig accident attorney to handle your truck injury claim? The first thing you must understand is that truck accident claims can become highly complicated. They are not like car accidents where there is one person who is held liable. In a truck accident, several parties may be held liable, including the truck driver, the truck company, the truck’s manufacturer and their insurance companies. With so many parties involved, it can be very difficult to determine the liable party.

But determining the liable party is just the beginning of the story. Truck companies more often than not have more financial muscle than their accusers and they will do everything in their power to dispute your claim. Their lawyers may even resort to intimidation tactics to scare you away. This is the reason you should hire only the best big rig accident attorney you can find.

Here are five useful tips on how to find the best truck accident lawyer:

1. Look for a reputable lawyer

A good lawyer’s reputation precedes him wherever he goes. Do your research carefully. Talk to the people who may know a good lawyer or two. Make a shortlist of the lawyers recommended to you, making sure that each has been highly recommended by more than one person. Talk to their previous clients. Search the internet for any news about them, the works they have done, and the papers they have published.

2. Look at his experience in handling truck accident cases

As in other highly complex professions, experience has no substitute in the legal profession. From among the lawyers you have shortlisted, look for one who has several years of experience handling truck accident cases. Look at his track record of success. Ask him how many cases he has taken and how many of them he was actually won. If he has never won a case, then maybe he doesn’t have the expertise he claims to have. An experienced truck accident know his business like the back of his hand. Not only that, he also knows all the right people and knows how to pull the right strings.

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3. Find out if you can trust the lawyer and are comfortable with him

For any chance to win a truck accident claim, you must have a good lawyer-client relationship with your lawyer. A lawsuit is a collaboration between a lawyer and his client. If you cannot trust your lawyer and if he cannot trust you, then you won’t have much chance. Also, make sure that you are comfortable with the lawyer and that he is with you.

4. Make sure the lawyer is interested in your case

A lawyer can do justice to your case only if he is truly interested in your case. Such a lawyer will fight for you and he will fight hard and will not give up as long as there is a ray of hope. He will do everything in his power to win for you your truck accident claim. If he finds it necessary, he will hire experts to gather evidences, take depositions, find witnesses, and even invest his own money in your case.

5. Interview the lawyer

You won’t know your lawyer until you have had a lengthy one-to-one conversation with him. Therefore, make sure to interview him before hiring him. Ask him how many truck accident claims he has handled, how many he has won, how many he is currently handling, when was the last time he handled a case, how much the verdict was, and who will actually work on your case. Hire him only if you are fully satisfied with all his answers.

Only the best big rig accident attorney can ensure the best outcome for your truck accident claim. Therefore, do your research with utmost diligence. Don’t settle for just about any lawyer you come across. Take your time if necessary, but go only for the best.

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