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Truck Accidents and Photographic Evidence

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Photos Can Help You Win Your Truck Accident Case

The success of your vehicle accident claim depends on the evidence and documentation you can provide to prove your case. One of the most common – and effective – forms of demonstrative evidence is photographs. Photographs depict the accident scene as things actually were and not as remembered by those involved and witnesses. Any truck accident attorney who is worth his salt knows this.

The Importance of Photographs

To anyone who was not present at the scene of accident, photographs serve as a window to the accident and make it easier for them to decide who was at fault. Accident scene photographs tell a story of how the events may have progressed, provide graphic evidence of personal injuries and property damages, and help reconstruct the accident scene.

Photographing the truck accident scene

If you are not incapacitated by an accident, then take photographs of the truck accident scene using your cellphone, tablet or a digital camera, if you happen to have one. If you are severely injured, then ask someone who is not injured or a bystander (witness) to take photographs. Take these photos from different angles so that they will give a clearer and more comprehensive picture.

The photographs should be of the entire accident scene, including the trucks and stationary objects like trees, poles and traffic signs.  Take photographs of all the parts that have sustained damages. If there are skid marks on the road (there usually are in a truck accident), take clear photos of them. These will prove valuable in determining the speed and location of the other vehicle at the time of accident.

If you or anyone who was accompanying you is injured, then take photographs of the injuries. These will act as proof of your injuries when filing a claim or a lawsuit later. Accident scenes are often cleared within a few hours to allow the unhindered flow of traffic, so take all the necessary photographs before leaving the scene.

Tips for taking effective truck accident photographs

The effectiveness of accident scene photographs depends on their clarity and capacity to tell a story. Here are some tips for taking effective truck accident photographs:

  • Begin by photographing the entire accident scene: Take wide angle shots of the accident scene from several different angles.
  • Photograph the traffic signs: If there are traffic signs that can be used to show that other driver was at fault, then photograph them.
  • Photograph injuries: If anyone is injured (including yourself), then take photographs of the injuries. Try to capture images of lacerations, abrasions, contusions and broken bones.
  • Photograph the vehicles involved in the accident: Take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident to show their position immediately after the accident and their proximity to the exact place where the accident occurred.
  • Photograph the damages to your car: If your car has sustained damages or dents, then take photos of the damages from several different angles and distances. Make sure the photographs can be associated with your car.
  • Photograph the damages to the truck: If the truck has sustained any damages or dents, then take photos of its damages, too.
  • Photograph damages to objects: If any surrounding objects have been damaged, such as trees, guardrails and streets signs, then take pictures of them.
  • Photograph reference points: If there is an intersection, crosswalk or any other point of reference near the accident scene, then photograph them.
  • Photograph skid marks: If there are skid marks made by the truck, then take close-up and long-range photographs. If possible, show where the truck was when the driver started braking.
  • Photograph debris: If there is any debris that had come off from your car as well as the truck, then photograph them.
  • Photograph everyone involved in the accident: Take photographs of everyone involved in the crash, including the truck driver, the other occupants of his truck, the occupants of your vehicle and witnesses.
  • Photograph police officers and paramedics: Take photographs of police officers and paramedics who have arrived to respond to the accident.

Make a copy of your photographs available to your truck accident attorney before filing your accident claim. The success of your claim depends on them.

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