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What Evidence Is Involved in Truck Accident Cases?

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Evidences of a Truck Accident Case

The owners and their drivers of large trucks face very specific regulations and requirements in addition to those imposed upon drivers of regular passenger vehicles. When an accident involving a truck occurs, these regulations and requirements come into play, affecting liability and other elements of the subsequent injury claim.

Trucking Industry Rules and Regulations

Among the most important requirements for truck drivers is that individuals who operate commercial vehicles must possess a commercial driver’s license. In order to qualify, prospective drivers have to complete specialized safety training and pass an extensive background check that vets individuals for prior accidents, violations and criminal convictions. Trucking company employers have the duty to make sure that their drivers have the proper qualifications and adequate training. In a truck accident case, an attorney can conduct an investigation to evaluate whether the driver involved was qualified to operate the vehicle.

Truck accident lawyerAs for vehicles and cargo, all trucks in an active fleet must be well-maintained and inspected on a frequent basis, and cargo must be loaded and secure properly. Trucking companies are expected to keep maintenance, inspection and cargo records, which can be analyzed by a truck accident attorney to reveal a company’s bad practices.

Other documentation that can be used as evidence in a truck accident case include:

-Bills of lading

-Delivery documents

-Weight tickets

-Dispatch instructions

-Company manuals, policies and procedures

-Driver logs

An experienced truck accident lawyer is familiar with trucking industry regulations and therefore knows what information can and should be looked at closely during an investigation.

Bakersfield Truck Accident Law Firm

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