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How to Find the Best Bus Accident Lawyer

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Getting the Right Help After a Bus Accident

Were you injured in a bus accident? You need a skilled and experienced lawyer to help you fight for the compensation you deserve. A bus accident lawyer should be an expert in all aspects of bus accidents, tort laws and insurance laws. He or she should not only be able to negotiate a fair settlement but also be willing to represent you in the court if negotiations fail. Here are some tips on how to find the best bus accident lawyer.

  1. Make a shortlist of lawyers: Start by talking to your friends and co-workers. They are often a good source of information and can give you valuable advice. Some of them may know a good lawyer or two. Some may have a friend or relative who has actually used a lawyer before. Some may have even used a good lawyer themselves. Next, do online research. You can find information about virtually everything online. Search for lawyers in your area, check out their websites and make a shortlist of the ones that meet your requirement. Schedule consultations with each of them through phone or e-mail.
  1. Interview each lawyer in your shortlist: Contact each lawyer in your shortlist and make an appointment with him or her. If you have never been to a lawyer’s practice, you may feel shy or hesitant. But remember that you are the one who is doing the hiring, not them. Therefore, walk into their office and interview them with confidence. It’s you who should be interviewing them, not the other way around. Ask each lawyer how long he’s been working in the field, how many clients he has served, whether he has handled a bus accident case before, what his success rate is, and whether he will be handling your case himself or delegating it to an associate.
  1. Consider a law firm rather than an individual lawyer: Bus accident cases are often very complex and require a lot of manpower. An individual lawyer may not possess all the knowledge required for a successful lawsuit or settlement. If you think your case is complicated, then consider a law firm instead of an individual lawyer. Big law firms have the advantage of numbers. The lawyers combine their collective talents and knowledge to bring your case to a successful conclusion. This is the reason why people usually hire law firms rather than individual lawyers.
  1. Prioritize experience and success: When hiring a lawyer, choose one who has experience in handling cases similar to yours and who has a good success rate with them. He or she should have handled one or more bus accident cases in the recent past. The more cases he or she has handled, the better it will be for you. It means he is intimately familiar with every aspect of bus accident cases. You should hire a lawyer who has a success rate of 80% or more, so you can rest assured that you have a good chance of winning your case.
  1. Look for someone you can be comfortable with: Experience and success rate should not be the only criteria when hiring a lawyer. If you cannot feel comfortable with your lawyer, then the outcome will not be good. You may end up getting an unsatisfactory settlement or even losing your case if you cannot build a good rapport with your lawyer. So, look for a lawyer you can be comfortable with.
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Bus accidents cases can be complicated, especially if the owner of the bus happens to be a government entity. Hiring a skilled and experienced bus accident lawyer will vastly increase your chances of success.

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