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Injured in a Greyhound Bus Accident

How To Get Compensation When You Are Injured on Greyhound

When you board a Greyhound Bus, you expect a smooth, stress-free ride, unhindered by the inconveniences of having to drive a long distance yourself – enduring traffic, getting lost, having to stay alert and awake on the road, and so on. But not every bus makes it to its destination without incident. Far too often, buses get into major crashes on our nation’s highways. And passengers suffer the consequences of a situation that is completely out of their control.

Where Does Fault Lie?

There are many ways a Greyhound bus accident can happen. Sometimes, a driver is exhausted after having been pushed to extend his driving hours beyond what the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) allows, because he is pressed for time or because his employer is trying to boost profits. As a result, he falls asleep at the wheel, causing a crash. In this case, both the driver and his employer can be held liable for damages.

Sometimes, a bus accident is caused by a maintenance issue, in which case fault can be attributed to the party responsible for maintaining the bus. If a crash is traced to a defective part, then the manufacturer of the part may be sued.

Whatever the reason, when a large vehicle like a Greyhound Bus is involved in a collision, the probability of somebody getting seriously injured or killed goes way up as compared to what can occur in an accident involving a regular-sized passenger vehicle.

Defending Your Right to Fair Compensation

Under no circumstances should you sign anything or answer any questions by the bus company’s attorneys and investigators without consulting with a trusted attorney first. No matter they say, the truth is that they are there to take advantage of the confusion and panic that you’re experiencing to get you to relinquish your right to fair compensation. Don’t let yourself get played – fight back with help from an attorney experienced in these matters.

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In Good Hands

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