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5 Myths about Motorcycle Safety that Are Actually Dangerous

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5 Dangerous Myth You Want to Know about Motorcycle

If you’re a longtime rider, then you’ve probably swapped a lot of ideas about how to ride safely with your motorcyclist brethren. No doubt you’ve picked up some nuggets of wisdom in the course of your life on two wheels, and you plan to pass along this advice to those who are just picking up their hogs for the first time. But you have to be careful of the knowledge you spread because some of those supposed nuggets of wisdom may actually be fool’s gold.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about motorcycle safety that are widespread among motorcyclists. They are repeated so often by both fresh and veteran riders alike that they are accepted by many as truth. The problem is that believing these myths can increase your chances of getting hurt – or worse, killed – in a crash.

While it is true that experience is the ultimate test and that one can’t learn everything from reading, it never hurts to do the research and separate fact from fiction. Having the right information will only help you and other riders make better decisions when you’re out on the road.

Myth #1: Wearing a Helmet Increases the Likelihood of a Broken Neck

The logic seems sound: put more weight on your head and it’ll flail about harder when you’re thrown from your bike, breaking your neck. However, physics doesn’t actually work like that. When a helmet helps absorb the energy of an impact, it doesn’t just protect the head but also the neck.

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Myth #2: Helmets Diminish Your Senses, Increasing Your Risk of an Accident

On the contrary, helmets shield your eyes from flying debris and cut down on wind and traffic noise, protecting your senses. Don’t believe this? Dig into the data: there is a clear correlation between helmet usage and reduced accident rates.

Myth #3: A Helmet Won’t Help in High Impact Speeds so Why Wear One Anyway?

First of all, most accidents happen at relatively low speeds, in which case helmets most definitely do help. Second of all, there have been many instances where DOT-approved helmets have performed spectacular life-saving feats at high impact speeds. Finally, statistics prove that riders wearing helmets survive crashes more successfully that those without them.

Myth #4: Lay the Bike Down when a Crash Is Coming

Perhaps there once was a time when brakes on motorcycles were so shoddy that sliding and tumbling on the road was more effective as a stopping measure. If this was ever true, it no longer is. Braking systems on bikes today are so reliable that using them is almost always the preferable option. Unless you’re about to go over a guardrail that is the only thing between you and a long fall, it’s best to keep your bike up while pressing the brakes.

Myth #5: Skilled Riders Can Stop Better with Conventional Brakes than with Anti-Lock Brakes

Extensive testing performed recently disproves this popular theory. Even on clean, dry, flat pavement, experienced, highly skilled riders stopped in less distance with anti-lock brakes (ABS) than with conventional or linked braking systems.

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While wearing a helmet can save your life, it may not prevent all injuries in an accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by another party, contact the experienced Oakland motorcycle injury attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm for assistance. We can help you get compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. To discuss the specifics of your case with one of our dedicated legal experts, call (800) 522-7274 today. Our consultations are FREE.

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