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5 Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Winter

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Riding Motorcycle in Winter – What You Need to Know

As cold weather starts to roll in and the phenomenon known as El Niño brings rain to the parched lands of California, it’s time for motorcyclists to start thinking about what they’re going to do with their bike this winter. For some, winter means temporarily putting their motorcycle in a state of hibernation. For others, winter means more riding, albeit with extra caution and clothing.

If you’re part of the latter group, then you have more concerns than merely staying warm. Road conditions tend to get harsher in the winter. In order to avoid ending up on a hospital bed, you need to be not only skilled but also mentally prepared. Having the right knowledge will help you keep winter riding enjoyable – and safe. Heed these tips:

  1. Riding comfortably in winter weather beings with correct gear choice. Apparel with breathability and waterproofing are highly recommended. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves and a tightly-sealed helmet with a fog-free faceshield. Just don’t overdo it – if you can’t hold your arms at your side because of too many layers, it’s probably time to invest in better gear.
  2. Wind chill can be your worst enemy. If you want to ride comfortably in the cold, wear clothing that is made of windproof material. For further protection against frigid breezes, add a windshield to your motorcycle; use duct tape to seal any leaks you might have; and put newspaper on your chest between your outer layer and the layer underneath it!
  3. Get a decent pair of boots. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a pair of premium brand boots to get the performance you need in cold weather. As long as your boots are well-fitted, waterproof, above the ankle, and comfortable, you’re good. Need insulation? Just put on extra socks.
  4. A solid pair of gloves is also essential. When selecting gloves, look for good fit and feel as well as quality insulation and pre-curved fingers. Also make sure that they completely cover your wrists (remember: windproof, windproof, windproof!).
  5. Remember, prevention is the best protection. Watch for salt, ice, and slick spots on the road. Increase your visibility and space. Keep your eyes peeled. And if snow starts falling, get home. Period.
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You may follow these tips to a tee and still get into an accident because of another driver. If this happens, contact Wilshire Law Firm ASAP for immediate assistance. Our team of legal experts is dedicated to helping injured motorcyclists throughout California get full and fair compensation for their damages. Call us today at (800) 522-7274 for a FREE consultation.

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