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Breaking in a New Motorcycle Engine

motorcycle engine

Tips from Our Knowledgeable Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Your new motorcycle is like a new horse. Its engine needs to be given a proper breaking in to prepare it for the long run. While your motorcycle will not break down if you do not break in the engine, its performance will not reach its optimum level and may degrade faster than if you do break it in. A properly broken in engine gives better performance, better fuel economy, lower emissions, and higher longevity. Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney to find out what you can do if you get injured in an accident.

The reason your motorcycle engine needs a proper breaking-in

  • Your motorcycle engine is most likely still “fresh”: It is a common misconception that each motorcycle engine is sufficiently tried and tested by the manufacturer before the motorcycle is sent to the distributor. The fact is that only a few samples are run and tested in the factory. Most of them leave the factory without ever having been run and without having seen any fuel or oil. The first time they are run is when the dealer gets them ready for sale. The dealer only makes sure that they run properly; they don’t spend the time to properly break each engine in.
  • It takes breaking-in for the various parts of the engine to “fit”: Although all the parts of an engine are manufactured to fit exactly with one another, in reality they do not fit perfectly until after you have run the engine for some time. Breaking in polishes the moving parts of the engine and gets them to fit snugly in their proper positions. Once this happens, your motorcycle’s engine will start running beautifully and you will know it when it happens. This is the reason every new motorcycle engine needs a proper breaking-in.
  • Breaking-in period lasts for the first 500-1,000 miles: The breaking-in period of a new motorcycle typically lasts from the first 500-1,000 miles on the road. During this period, the internal friction inside the engine is at its maximum since the various components haven’t settled into their proper places. Once your motorcycle completes its first 500-1,000 miles, you will be able to feel a noticeable reduction in internal friction.
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How to break in your new motorcycle engine

If it’s your first motorcycle, then follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in the user’s manual. Or you can do the following, which is what most experts recommend.

  • Ride short distances only: Do not take your motorcycle for long rides until you have crossed the first 500 miles.
  • Avoid aggressive starts and stops: Do not start or stop aggressively. Be gentle on your new engine.
  • Ride at varying speeds: Until the break-in period is over, ride your motorcycle over short distances at varying rpms. However, avoid changing the rpm from one level to the next abruptly. Just let it climb slowly and then let it fall back again.
  • Do not ride below 3,000 rpm and above 4,000 rpm: Too high rpm means you are pushing the engine to work too hard and too low means you are not pushing it hard enough. So do not run the engine below 3,000 rpm or above 4,000 rpm.
  • Avoid accelerating too hard: Do no accelerate too fast during the break in period. Do it as slowly as possible.
  • Avoid riding at a constant speed: Do not maintain a constant speed over a long distance. If you have to ride to the next town, change the speed frequently.
  • Vary the gears: Since the gearbox also needs breaking-in, change the gears often while riding the bike. But remember to not be too aggressive.
  • Avoid overworking the engine: Do not push the engine too much. Avoid riding on uneven terrains and steep hills. Do not accelerate too hard. Do not ride when the weather is too cold. The oil will be thicker when it’s cold and the engine will have to work harder.
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Motorcycles are always vulnerable to accidents. You might collide with a car or may be hit by a car while you are breaking in. If you are injured or if your motorcycle has sustained damages, then phone a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as you are able to.

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