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How Working Out Can Make You a Better Biker

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Being a Fitter Biker Will Help You Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle over long distances can be tiring. You may not be aware of it, but balancing the bike with your body, steering the wheel, pulling in the clutch, changing gear, and closing and opening the throttle takes a lot of muscle power and stamina over time. A physically unfit rider can succumb to fatigue and muscle aches in less than half a day on the road. This is why it is important for a motorcyclist to work out to remain fit and healthy. In case you get in an accident while riding your motorcycle, talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

There are basically three basic types of physical exercises. The first is aerobic exercise, which increases your stamina, i.e., your body’s ability to work over a sustained period of time. The second is anaerobic exercise, which increases your short-term muscle strength. The third is flexibility exercise, which improves the range of the motion of your muscles and joints. A motorcycle rider needs to do all three types of workouts in varying degrees.

  1. Aerobic Workouts

As mentioned earlier, a motorcycle rider needs a lot of stamina to cover long distances. Aerobic exercises, also known sometimes as cardio exercises, stimulate your heart rate and breathing rate and improves your body’s efficiency when it comes to consuming oxygen. The focus of aerobic exercise is on increasing your cardiovascular endurance. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, running, hiking, cycling, and playing tennis.

Aerobic workouts can be beneficial for motorcyclists for the following reasons:

  • They improve your heart’s pumping efficiency by strengthening and enlarging the heart muscles. This increases your energy and performance.
  • They increase your stamina and reduces fatigue by improving blood circulation and the transport of oxygen throughout your body. You will not feel tired even after riding for an entire day.
  • They improve the health of your muscles by stimulating the growth of capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in your muscles. You will need strong muscles to ride your motorcycle.
  • They help maintain a healthy body weight index, which is important for motorcycle riders. Overweight riders can have a tough time staying seated over long distances.
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Any aerobic exercise is good for motorcyclists. If you like walking, jogging, running, or playing sports, then set aside an hour every day for your preferred physical activity. If you like cycling or hiking, then set aside at least one day per week for it.

  1. Anaerobic Workouts

A motorcycle rider needs muscle power to perform the actions needed to keep his motorcycle running smoothly, such as braking, steering, clutching, and throttle control. Anaerobic exercises increases short-term muscle power and helps build muscle mass, resulting in enhanced performance in the short duration. The most popular form of anaerobic exercises is strength exercise, such as weightlifting.

The benefits of anaerobic workouts for motorcyclists include:

  • Increased muscle, tendon, ligaments, and bone mass and strength, especially in the arms and legs.
  • Improved joint function. You will need it to handle the steering, gear, brakes, and throttle smoothly and without feeling pain or discomfort in your joints afterwards.
  • Reduced potential for injuries. Strong muscles are less susceptible to injuries than weak muscles.

The recommended anaerobic workouts for motorcycling are back squats, DB lunges, and crunches. These workouts help strengthen the muscles in your lower back, which bears the brunt of your body’s weight when riding a motorcycle. They also strengthen your legs, allowing you to produce more force to absorb bigger bumps, move across pegs faster, or put the bike in neutral when needed.

  1. Flexibility Workouts

The ability to swing the arms and legs easily is important for motorcycle riders since they need good maneuverability in their arms and legs. By improving the range of motions of the muscles and joints, flexibility workouts make it easier for you to perform actions like changing your position, pulling the clutch, changing gears, and applying the foot brake. They also enable you to maneuver your body safely in case of an accident.

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The recommended flexibility workouts for motorcycle riders include quad stretch, bridge, trunk twist, fold-over stretch, butterfly stretch, swan stretch, standing triceps stretch, twisted arms stretch, and standing thigh release. Increased flexibility increases your ability to avoid getting injured in an accident. If you are injured or if your motorcycle is totaled by a car in a crash, call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer without wasting any time to file a claim.

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