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To Lane-Split, or Get Rear-Ended… That is the Question!

What is a rear-end motorcycle collision?

Similar to a rear-end collision between two cars, a motorcycle rear-end collision is when a car, truck, or other type of vehicle neglects to stop or slow down in time, and rear-ends a motorcycle.

Rear-end collisions often result in seriously unfortunate personal injuries for motorcycle riders, such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Quadriplegic

A rear-end motorcycle collision is one of the worst types of accidents for motorcycles. They mostly occur in heavy traffic, when the rider is stopped at a red light, but they also happen at high speeds and are sometimes the result of road rage.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little road rage?

Motorcycle Road Rage

One way California has attempted to make roads less prone to rear-end motorcycle collisions is through the legalization of lane splitting in California.

Side note: If you stumbled upon this post because you recently got into a motorcycle accident, please immediately alert the police and seek proper medical treatment for your injuries – even if you don’t have insurance.

Do not admit fault!

Then, give the award-winning motorcycle accident attorneys of Wilshire Law Firm a call at 1-800-522-7274. Our team is available 24/7, 365 to take your call and give you a free case evaluation.

You could be entitled to serious compensation.

To Lane-Split, or Get Rear-Ended.… That is the Question!

Lane splitting is legal in the state of California, and for good reason.

It helps motorcyclists avoid the horrific possibility of getting rear-ended by a distracted, disgruntled, impatient, or drunk drivers.

According to a state-funded report from the University of Berkeley:

“The practice [of lane splitting] increases safety by allowing motorcycle riders to avoid the risk of rear-end collisions in stopped or slow-moving traffic.”

The study found that lane splitting increases rider safety, yes, but it also increases the overall flow of traffic for passenger drivers:

“Lane splitting eases traffic congestion by taking motorcyclists out of the line of cars and trucks.”

Study conducted by Thomas Rice, PhD. Download the full report.

Passenger car drivers will never understand… That’s BS!

At Wilshire Law Firm, not only do we help motorcycle accident injury victims recover rightful compensation, every day, we ride motorcycles ourselves.

Plus, we talk to the people who influence California’s lane splitting guidelines on a regular basis. Read what they say here.

Lane splitting affects everyone

Whether you ride or not, lane splitting is a serious issue for all Californians. Every one of us is affected by it, almost every day.

Depending on your personal experience, you may have a negative outlook toward lane splitting, or you may not.

However, for many Californians, there is a major divide in thinking between the riders who split, and the drivers who get split.

And it’s not always friendly.

Lane splitting, or lane sharing?

The word “split” by itself has a negative connotation, which is why one California motorcycle leader, Bud Kobza, prefers to use the term “lane sharing” instead.

But it’s not just words that give the what-should-be-safe traffic practice a bad rap.

Sometimes, it’s bad riders.

We’ve all had a similar experience…

You’re sitting in the passenger seat of your friend’s car, or in the backseat of an Uber, happily minding your own business as you cruise down the freeway, on your way to see friends, family, dinner, a movie, work… whatever it is that you do!

The sun is setting over beautiful palm trees and cotton candy skies. You notice the mountain range in the distance.

Your favorite song comes on the radio. You ask the driver to turn up the music as you sink into your seat, take a sip of your coffee, and get ready for some serious road trip relaxation.

As you cruise down the middle lane of the freeway, an amazing car pulls up next to you. Your dream car! You notice the beauty of the paint, the crisp, chrome wheels spinning, and you can hear the hum of its massive engine as it lines up directly next to your window in all its glory.

For a brief second, you day dream of a better life, and then you find complete relaxation… life is beautiful…

Then… BAM! Vrrrroooommmm!!!!!

A reckless motorcycle WHIPS between you and the other car, abruptly ending your day dream, giving you whiplash, and almost a heart attack!

According to your spilled coffee, that has now stained your shirt and burned your chest, that motorcycle was going way too fast!

Motorcycle Lane Splitting

You see the motorcycle rip up the freeway. You can’t believe there’s actually a woman wearing short shorts on the backseat!

The motorcycle repeats the same high-speed, lane-splitting maneuver multiple times, cutting multiple cars off, before it’s completely out of sight.

You pull yourself together, wipe the wetness of your drink with a napkin (if you have one), and then look back to your dream car, to see if they had the same reaction.

But it’s gone. It got off at the last exit and you didn’t even notice.

OKAY – maybe you didn’t have that exact experience, but you know what we mean!

Motorcycles must ride responsibly. They are not infallible.

But that doesn’t mean you can run them off the road….

It’s hard to relate to lane splitters

Registered motorcycles only account for 6% of the total registered vehicles in California, and when you factor them into the entire United States, they account for only .3%. Most motorcycle riders in the U.S. live in one of the other 49 U.S. states, where lane splitting is illegal.

That means lane splitting in California is perhaps the most unique form of road transportation in the United States!

Motorcycle Lane Splitting on the Road

Hire a motorcycle collision lawyer you can trust

Road rage, distracted drivers and other vehicle operators who rear-end motorcycles and their insurance companies must be held accountable for their negligence.

If you have sustained injuries from a rear-end motorcycle collision, we strongly urge you to call the award-winning motorcycle accident lawyers of Wilshire Law Firm.

Our team of legal experts is standing by 24/7, 365 to take your call and give you a free case evaluation!

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