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Choosing a Better and Safer Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Choosing a Better and Safer Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet

Picking the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Although color, price, and style may be your priorities, you must understand that there are two other things more important than these: protection and comfort. Motorcycle accident lawyers who have handled cases strongly recommend a good helmet to protect your head from impact. It is unfortunate that so many bikers have a complete disregard for this basic rule. Deaths and paralysis will not likely happen if you wear a law-compliant helmet that passed high manufacturing standards.

But how do you choose one? For starters, there are three basic types of helmets. First is the full face helmet that covers your entire face, which also has a moveable face shield. This is the kind of helmet you see on races. The second type is the shorty, which is a half helmet which is like a half-shell. These helmets will come off on impact. The last is the three-quarter, which is an open-face helmet but has not protection on the chin. Below are some other tips on how to choose the best helmet.

Helmet Size and Shape

A good helmet fits perfectly on your head. Since we all have different head sizes, your first step is to determine your head size. To do this:

  • Wrap a measuring tape around the top of your head. Do this right above the ears and above your eyebrows. Compare these sizes with the manufacturer’s helmet measurements. Be aware that different brands have different sizes and measurements.
  • Before buying the helmet, try it on. It must sit on your head tightly, and the top of the eye port must sit just a little bit above your eyebrows. A tight helmet will eventually loosen up if used frequently.
  • To determine the proper fit, insert a finger between your head and the helmet. If one finger slips so easily, you need a smaller size.
  • If the helmet is tight enough, make sure the tightness is not due to the pressure pads. These pads are only good for adjusting pressure but not for adjusting the fit.
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The other thing you need to do is to determine your head shape. A long oval head is elongated. To distinguish this, check if your head is longer front to back. If it is, you have an oval head. An intermediate oval is a cross between a round head and a long oval head. Most manufacturers design helmets for this kind of head shape. The side is wider and the front to back measurement is shorter. The last head shape is round oval. This shape has a longer side to side measurement than the front to back.

Helmet Configuration

As mentioned earlier, motorcycle accident lawyers who have handled accident cases strongly recommend that you choose something that is safe. We talked briefly about the helmet types and we will elaborate on these configurations further. Different motorcycles require different helmet types.

  • Helmets for Touring – Long distance cruising or touring require a good balance. A heavy helmet adds to the fatigue. Helmets for touring have an ergonomic design that also allows low sound levels, which is important because the rides are longer. These helmets also have awesome ventilation that allows air to flow when the rider sits up straight.
  • Helmets for Dual-Sport – Dual-sport motorcycles are the ones you see on Motocross. These are high bikes that are fast and dangerous. You only use these bikes on dirt racing, rugged terrains, or stunts. Bikes like these require dual-sport helmets, which are a cross between the street helmet and the dirt helmet. It has an aerodynamic design to suit different speeds. It also allows versatility on the face cover. You can remove the visor on the road and put them back if you are biking on dusty off-road terrains. These helmets start at $100 and may reach $700, depending on the brand and quality.
  • Half-Face Helmets – This is probably the easiest to use and the most unobtrusive. These helmets offer little protection because they only cover the top of the head. These helmets are like war helmets that you see soldiers wearing in battle. These helmets do not cover the jaw. The only advantages of half-helmet over the others are better visibility because they do not block your peripheral vision and better airflow. However, you are susceptible to dirt, rain, and bugs as you ride along. Besides, this helmet will easily come off of you hit the pavement. This is only good for short-distance, urban cruising where you are not likely going to meet any speeding car.
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    Helmets are crucial to your safety. The last thing that should matter to you is the price or the style. At the very least, you can paint your helmet or take it to a car paint shop and have it painted there. The price is negotiable. There are so many helmet manufacturers, and all you have to do is to shop around, compare prices and choose the best one that will protect you.

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