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Top 5 Safety Apps for Motorcyclists

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These 5 Motorcycle Apps Might Save Your Lives

Used to be in the old days, motorcyclists had only their wits and good sense to rely on when it came to avoiding eating asphalt. Thanks to the advent of smart phones and apps, that’s no longer the case. There’s now a great range of useful, high-quality apps bikers of every stripe can add to their protection arsenal – from weather apps to road safety resources. Below we’ve listed our top recommendations:

  1. Wind Chill & Wind Speed – Every biker who’s ever been out in the cold knows that wind chill can be a serious detriment to your ride. Depending on your speed, the temperature your body is feeling can plummet by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit or more. This app allows you to easily calculate what the temperature would feel like based on wind speeds and your own riding speed.
  2. Rain Alarm – Rain, the biker’s regular foe. This simple yet elegant weather app uses almost real-time data to alert you when any type of precipitation – be it rain, snow or hail – is imminent. You can set up custom alarms that notify you through either vibration or sound. There’s even a precipitation map you can view to prepare yourself for what’s ahead.
  3. Pocket First Aid & CPR – This app is for riders who feel the most alive when they’re off the beaten path, exploring less-traveled roads. Discovery is a reward in itself, but far away from civilization, it is often accompanied by danger. As any explorer knows, you have to be prepared for anything when you’re in the wild. This app contains literally hundreds of interactive pages on critical first aid situations – from bandaging a cut to making a splint for a broken bone. The best part is all of the information is stored in the phone itself, so you can access the app even without signal.
  4. EatSleepRide – The features of this app are extensive – and virtually all of them are highly useful. Want to share routes with other riders? Track speed, lean angle, and elevation? Set up a group ride and chart other’s progress on a map? EatSleepRide does all of that plus more! And for an additional annual fee, you can activate the Crashlight auto feature, which detects a motorcycle crash (using the gyrometers and accelerometers within your phone), and sends an emergency notice to pre-selected contacts closest to your area after three minutes. Who knew an app could give you peace of mind?
  5. Waze – This community-based app allows users to flag cheap gas prices, speed traps, and traffic slowdowns in real time. It also has a clever feature where you can send your route to a friend, who can then track your progress. This means you can keep your phone in your pocket – and your eyes on the road – when nearing your destination.
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