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Treating Road Rash

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Road Rash Treatment Tips for Motorcyclists

When a motorcyclist gets into an accident, he is at the mercy of friction and gravity. The road becomes like a grinding mill, potentially causing road rash – skin abrasions caused when a rider hits or scrapes exposed skin against the road after going down.

Road rash may not be as devastating as a traumatic brain injury or limb loss, but it can be painful, to say the least. Depending on its severity, a road rash can result in anything from a minor scrape that heals quickly without leaving a trace to extreme skin damage that leads to permanent scarring. The last requires professional medical intervention, but more minor wounds can be treated at home with over-the-counter ointments and bandages.

If you have suffered minor to moderate road rash after a motorcycle crash, you should properly treat your wounds by following the steps below:

  1. Clean your wound. You can use drinking water, either from a clean bottle or a nearby source, to flush out dirt and debris. If the wound is really dirty, use a specialized wound cleanser, such as Skintegrity or Shur-clens. Do NOT use peroxide and avoid scrubbing too hard. If the cut is deep, stop what you’re doing and go get medical attention immediately.
  2. Dress your wound. For minor road rash treatment, apply a thick layer of antibiotic ointment and then cover the wound with a loose, non-stick dressing like Tefla. Change the dressing daily until healed. For more serious wounds, consider using more advanced dressings like Tegaderm or Duoderm.
  3. Watch for signs of infection. If you experience any increases in pain, swelling, redness, or smelly discharge, see a doctor.
  4. Keep your wound moisturized. Massaging your wound regularly with a moisturizer will help prevent scarring.
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