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How to Prevent Pedestrian-Bicycle Collisions

bicycle pedestrian accident

Safety Tips from Our Knowledgeable Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

Pedestrian-bicycle collisions are very common, although most of them do not result in fatalities. According to Forensic Science International, most of the pedestrian-bicycle collisions are caused by cyclists while a vast majority of severely injured victims are pedestrians. Severe injuries to pedestrians are usually caused by falling and hitting the head in the immediate aftermath of the impact. Pedestrian accident attorneys say that victims of this type of accident usually come to them with head injuries.

Here are some tips for pedestrians on how to prevent pedestrian-bicycle collisions:

  1. Do not walk with your eyes glued to the cellphone

Cellphones are the major causes of pedestrian accidents. Whether you are texting or talking to someone, it takes your attention away from the road. You will fail to notice oncoming cars and bicycles. You will fail to see traffic signals and the signals given by vehicles. You will step into the roadway or bicycle lane without realizing what you are doing. Countless people have died when walking with their eyes glued to their cellphone. So, never use your cellphone when walking.

  1. Do not walk with headphones stuck in your ears

If you like listening to music with headphones stuck in your ears, then do it at home or somewhere safe. Headphones block the sound coming from outside. You will not hear the sound of approaching vehicles and bicycles. You may inadvertently walk right into the path of an oncoming cyclist and get badly hurt. Therefore, do not ever wear a headphone when walking in the streets.

  1. Do not walk in the bicycle lane
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The easiest way to get hit by a bicycle is to walk in the bicycle lane. Why would you even want to be there in the first place? It’s made exclusively for bicycles and no cyclist will expect you to be there. When they come speeding down the lane, there can be only one outcome if you fail to remove yourself quickly enough. Since the bicycle will be coming at you at a high speed, you may even end up dead. Do not walk in the bicycle lane. It’s as reckless as walking in a vehicle lane.

  1. Be alert and observant at all times

No matter where you are walking, always be alert and observant. Watch out for approaching bicycles and vehicles. If you see a bicycle coming towards you at high speed, keep an eye on it. If the cyclist is coming too close for your comfort, yell at him/her. Be prepared to move away quickly if he/she doesn’t heed.

Here are some tips for bicycle riders on how to prevent pedestrian-bicycle collisions.

  1. Ride a bicycle appropriate for your size

If your bicycle is too big for you, you will not be able to balance it properly. At traffic lights, crosswalks and other places where there are pedestrians, you will not be able to stop in time since your feet won’t reach the ground. As a result, you might run into pedestrians and injure them. Therefore, always ride a bicycle appropriate to your size.

  1. Do not ride on the sidewalk

Every cyclist should understand that sidewalks are made for pedestrians, not for bicycles. When you try to weave your way through a crowd of pedestrians, you are bound to hit or collide into one or more of them sooner or later. So, do not ride on the sidewalk. Even if the sidewalk looks deserted, avoid riding on it. There may be a pedestrian just around the corner. Always respect the pedestrian’s right-of-way.

  1. Make yourself more visible
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One reason pedestrians often given when asked why they didn’t see the accident coming is that they didn’t see the bicycle. So, it is your responsibility to make yourself more visible. Ride a brightly colored bike. Wear brightly colored cycling gear when riding. Bright yellow, orange and red can make you visible to pedestrians from a mile away. Check your reflectors to see that they are intact and clean.

  1. Check your brakes before riding

Brake failure is one of main cause of bicycle accidents. So, check both the front and rear brakes before riding. Make sure that they are working properly.

If you were hit and injured by a bicycle, you can file an injury claim for compensation. Consult reputable pedestrian accident attorneys near you to find out more about your best legal options for recovery.

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