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How to Make Streets Safer for Pedestrians

los angeles pedestrian accident
According to a recent report from the National Complete Streets Coalition, more than 4,500 pedestrians are killed by motor vehicles every year on the streets of America, while another 68,000 or so are injured. These so-called “accidents” are not purely coincidental – most, if not all, are caused by human error, and thus can be prevented.

The following measures are proven to be effective in deterring speeding, distracted driving, and other dangerous behaviors that frequently lead to pedestrian accidents. More cities in California and throughout the United States should implement them to help make walking a safer, comfortable, and safer experience for everyone.

  • Reduce the width and number of travel lanes wherever possible. Downsizing the number of lanes not only contributes to safer streets, but also lessens noise pollution and leaves more space for sidewalks, bike lanes, and landscaping. As for width, narrowing lanes sends a message for drivers to slow down.
  • Reduce the length of crosswalks and make them more visible. Shorter crosswalks can be achieved by extending the curb, while wider lines of paint can contribute to increased visibility.
  • Add raised median islands in the middle of busy streets. Studies have shown raised medians to reduce traffic accidents by 56 percent.
  • Implement Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPI) at traffic lights. Pedestrians get a head start, making them far more visible to motorists.
  • Install traffic calming devices. These include but are not limited to traffic circles, roundabouts, and speed humps.
  • Strictly enforce traffic rules. Plainclothes officers can be employed to great effect.

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