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Los Angeles Is the Most Dangerous City in America for Pedestrians


Los Angeles has recently been making headway in becoming a more walkable city. The county is currently investing more into rail transit than any other metro in the country. Suburban cities, including Pasadena and Santa Monica, are also developing pedestrian-friendly initiatives. Even notorious intersections like Hollywood and Highland are being targeted for improvements in terms of pedestrian accidents and fatalities. In spite of these efforts, however, L.A. County remains the deadliest place in the country for pedestrians.

According to a recent analysis by the Auto Insurance Center, in 2014, there were 284 pedestrian fatalities in L.A. County – three times higher than Maricopa County in Arizona, which has the dubious achievement of being the second most deadly county for pedestrians in the nation.

Granted, the city of Los Angeles is home to some of the worst traffic in the country and a population second only to New York City, so it’s not exactly surprising that the county ranks at the top. However, comparable cities like New York and Boston put up far lower numbers, possibly because of their extensive public transportation networks.

As if having the “honor” of being the most dangerous county for pedestrians in America weren’t enough, Los Angeles also has the deadliest intersection in the nation. The three-way intersection of Vincent Street and Central Court in Redondo Beach was the site of 44 pedestrian fatalities in 2014. This statistic is especially unsettling considering the fact that the intersection is in a school zone.

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