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Will Self-Driving Cars Make the Streets Safer for Pedestrians?

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Can Technology Reduce the Rate of Pedestrian Accidents?

More than 35,000 people are killed and several hundred thousand more are injured in road accidents across the United States every year. Human error accounts for 94% of these accidents. Now that self-driving cars are poised to hit the streets, the big question is: Will they be safer than conventional cars? Manufacturers and proponents of autonomous cars claim that they will be. But who will be held responsible if an accident does happen? Talk to your pedestrian accident lawyer to find out.

Here are six reasons self-driving cars could be safer for pedestrians:

  1. Self-Driving Cars Are Better at Identifying Navigation Paths and Obstacles

Self-driving cars are capable of sensing their environment and automatically navigating around obstacles. They can detect their surroundings using a variety of built-in technologies like GPS, radar, LIDAR, odometry, collision avoidance system, and computer vision. These advanced control systems analyze and interpret the sensory information instantaneously to identify navigation paths, obstacles, and traffic signals. They can even distinguish between different cars. Loaded with advanced sensory systems, self-driving cars are better at navigating and identifying obstacles than most, if not all, human drivers.

  1. Self-Driving Cars Are Equipped with V2V System

Self-driving cars are equipped with vehicle-to-vehicle communications system (V2V). In fact, the US Department of Transport has already recommended this system for all cars and will, no doubt, make it mandatory for autonomous cars in the future. But even without any laws, autonomous cars are already using V2V. This system allows cars within a certain range to talk to each other. You can think of it as a sort of blue-tooth. Each car will know another car’s exact position, the distance between them, and their intended direction.

  1. Blind Spot Are Not an Issue with Self-Driving Cars
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Blind spots are the areas behind, in front of, and on the sides of a car that are usually not reflected in both rear view and side mirrors. Any vehicle, object, or human that is in the blind spot is a possible candidate for collision if the driver is not careful. A significant number of car accidents, and especially those involving pedestrians, are attributed to drivers being unable to avoid blind spots. This is not a problem with self-driving cars. Loaded with sensory systems, autonomous cars have a 360-degree vision. They can see and sense everything around them and take immediate actions to avoid colliding into obstacles. The actions may include swerving, slowing down, or stopping.

  1. Self-Driving Cars Will Never Violate Traffic Rules

Self-driving cars are programmed to adhere to all traffic rules without any exceptions. This means that they will never drive over the speed limit, never disobey traffic signals, and never ignore right-of-way rules. They will also patiently wait for pedestrians to cross the road. In contrast, human drivers often drive over the speed limit, violate traffic signals, and ignore other people’s right-of-way. Violations of traffic rules is one of the major causes of accidents involving pedestrians. This will never be a problem with autonomous cars. Thus, self-driving cars can be a lot safer for pedestrians than conventional cars.

  1. DUI Will Never Be a Problem with Self-Driving Cars

Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol is a major problem with conventional cars. Although there are hefty fines and stiff penalties for offenders, DUI continues to be one of the major reasons for car accidents. Stories of innocent pedestrians killed by intoxicated drivers are all too common. Fully autonomous cars will have no steering wheel. With no human driving the car, there will be no DUI problems. This will make self-driving cars a lot safer for pedestrians than traditional cars.

  1. Road Rage Will Never Be Problem with Self-Driving Cars
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Road rage is a major problem all over the world. Stressed drivers gone insane are responsible for a lot of deaths and injuries every year, including those of pedestrians and cyclists. Passengers, on the other hand, are not known to be susceptible road rage. Since no human will be driving a self-driving car, road rage will never be a problem. Pedestrians will never have to worry about irate drivers trying to mow them down.

Contact a WLF Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Despite all this, skeptics are stilled concerned. They argue that self-driving cars haven’t been tested adequately in real-life situations and that their safety record is not proven. If you have been suffered injuries or damages in a collision with a self-driving car, contact a trustworthy pedestrian accident lawyer to find out who will be held liable and how you can file a claim.

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