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How to Safely Drive Long Commutes in California

Man holding steering wheel in car accident

Survivor’s Guide Provided by a Car Accident Attorney

Our lives are more mobile than ever these days. The daily average commute is approximately 45 minutes long in the United States. It can be longer or shorter depending on your location, but we generally spend a lot of time travelling. A long commute can be very stressful at times. However, there are some things you can do in order to make the time you spend on the road more enjoyable and even productive.

On a long commute, perhaps the most important thing for drivers is to stay alert at all times. Most accidents happen due to the negligence of drivers. In the event of an accident, a car accident attorney can help you take the right steps.

The six steps described below will help you survive a long commute in a safe and comfortable way:

1. Take the Route Which Is More Scenic

Alternating between routes and choosing one that is more scenic can make your journey a lot more interesting. Beautiful surroundings can lower your stress level after a hard day at work. If possible, choosing a more scenic route can help you survive a long commute.

2. Avoid Changing Lanes Often

On a long commute, it is often the better option to choose a lane and stick to it. Studies show that while changing a lane might look like a faster option, it generally does not make much difference. Frequently changing lanes can not only slow you down, but also put you at a greater risk for accidents.

3. Find Valuable Entertainment

A long commute can leave you bored and exhausted at times. Try and make your journey fun as much as possible. You should use your commute time to do something that is personally enriching, such as listening to an audio book or an interesting radio podcast.

Time flies when you are having fun. If you entertain yourself, you will not feel as tired after your journey.

4. Study your commute well

Whenever you have some flexibility in your schedule, use that time to try out small variations in your route. Small changes like travelling with a different wave of drivers or catching an early train can make a drastic difference in your overall travel time. Even the smallest change can make a huge difference in your journey.

5. Enjoy Time Alone

Being alone on a long commute may seem boring. However, if you focus on enjoying this alone time and making it more productive, then your journey will be a lot easier to handle and perhaps even fun. You can enjoy your favorite music or think about something that is important to you. In our busy lives, we do not get enough alone time; a long commute can provide you the perfect opportunity to spend some valuable time with yourself.

6. Consider Other Travel Options

Driving alone all the time can become monotonous and boring. In order to survive a long commute, it is better to alternate between different travel options you have. Consider taking a bus or a train. Sometimes, it might take extra time but can be a more fun way to commute. There are certain freedoms you can enjoy if you travel by bus or train. For example, you can take a phone call, read a book, or safely watch a movie on your computer.


Although surviving a long commute seems hard at times, it can be made productive. Use this time to relax and do the safe activities that you enjoy. However, it is extremely important to stay alert and follow safety rules on a long commute. In case of an accident, always seek professional assistance from an experienced car accident attorney.