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What Defines a Great Personal Injury Lawyer?

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With more than 225,000 members, The State Bar of California is the largest state bar in the country. That’s a lot of lawyers, to say the least. Many of them practice as plaintiff’s lawyers in the field of personal injury law – they act as advocates of injury victims.

Perhaps you’re reading this blog because you or a loved one has recently been in an accident and you want a legal professional who can fight to get you compensation from the liable party for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and more. You don’t just want a run-of-the-mill attorney who processes cases like so much paperwork – you want someone who has the experience and tenacity to net you an optimal case outcome.

Unfortunately, bad and mediocre personal injury lawyers are a dime a dozen. There are tons of so-called legal professionals out there who blast potential clientele with television and internet ads promising the world, yet the quality of their legal services leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t leave your claim in such unreliable hands!

If you want an exceptional attorney who has the skills and knowledge to win you maximum recovery, look for the following attributes during the selection process:

  • Accessibility and client communication are just as important as legal competency. An attorney who picks up the phone is an attorney who truly cares for their clients.
  • A great personal injury attorney is an adept negotiator. When a lawyer lacks good negotiation skills, disputes cost more and outcomes are less favorable. A great lawyer knows how to selectively use leverage to expedite dispute resolution while preserving their client’s best interests.
  • Don’t go for a jack-of-all-trades attorney. Personal injury is a broad field of law, and firms that take on too many different types of cases generally are ones that spread themselves out too thin, producing lackluster results for their clients. If you want optimal compensation, stick with a specialist.
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Before interviewing a prospective attorney, prepare lots and lots of questions. The more you have, the better. Conducting an extensive interview will help you get a good feel of what the attorney is all about. It’s usually a good sign when an attorney provides satisfactory answers while exhibiting patience and kindness.

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