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Top 10 Priorities for Future Spinal Cord Injury Research

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The cure for spinal cord injury (SCI) is one of the holy grails of medicine. We are still nowhere close to finding it; however, incremental steps towards progress have been made, thanks to the efforts of researchers around the world, and solution no longer seems unattainable.

Recently, the editors of the highly respected British medical journal, Lancet Neurology, conducted a survey to find out the most important questions that new research can answer about SCI. A total of 403 respondents (more than half of whom had SCI) submitted 784 questions which, after merging of duplicate questions and checking of existing SCI literature, were reduced to 109 unique unanswered research questions. A second group of participants made mostly of individuals with SCI submitted their prioritizations of the remaining questions, leading to the identification of the top 25 questions. The final step of the process involved a consensus meeting in which individuals with SCI, caretakers, and health professionals determined the top 10 priorities for future SCI research.

The results were as follows:

  1. Does activity-based rehabilitation really work?
  2. Does stem-cell therapy produce improved outcomes and is this dependent on the type of injury?
  3. Is the post-discharge government healthcare plan effective at improving health and well-being?
  4. What are the most effective ways to reduce the number of urinary-tract infections and other bladder-related complications?
  5. Does physically active bed rest contribute towards improved patient outcomes?
  6. How important is a physically enabling environment to quality of life?
  7. Are special rehabilitation services, such as multidisciplinary team planning, worth it?
  8. Do dietary interventions improve bowel function and overall quality of life?
  9. What effects does age have on the development of complications and need for assisted living care?
  10. Do people with either drop foot or Multiple Sclerosis experience improved outcomes if they undergo early diagnosis and treatment?
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