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Injured in an Uber Accident

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Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer Tells All

As an experienced ride-sharing accident lawyer operating in Los Angeles and throughout the rest of California, I have been asked countless times by clients and non-clients alike, “Who is liable in a crash involving an Uber driver?” To answer this question, I have provided below an overview of this complex issue along with an extensive explanation of the current laws regulating Uber accident and injury coverages.

TNCs and the Rise of Uber

Transportation network companies (TNCs), also referred to as ridesharing services, have risen to the fore, utterly “disrupting” the taxi industry and quickly gaining billions of dollars in the process.

San Francisco-based company Uber is one of the (if not THE) most successful TNCs, with operations in over 66 countries and 449 cities worldwide. Between 2014 and 2015, the average percent of all total paid car rides through Uber rose from 15% to 46%. Over the same period, the percentage of rides in taxis, limos, and shuttles fell from 85% to 53%. And to this day, more and more people are turning to Uber as their secondary transportation.

There are many reasons for Uber’s success: 1) they’re significantly cheaper than taxis, 2) they attract a steady workforce due to the scheduling flexibility for students or others who like the option of extra work on the side, and 3) requesting a ride through their app is super easy and hassle free.

Increased Crash Risk

But for all of the benefits to using Uber, there is an increased accident risk. While some drivers depend on Uber as their main source of income, most drive as a side gig and have no additional driving experience compared to taxi drivers. When inexperience is combined with time constraints, busy traffic, and the pressure of transporting people for money, the chance of a crash can increase.

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AB 2293 and Uber Insurance Coverage Requirements in California

Since companies like Uber are a relatively new phenomenon, regulatory agencies all over have been scrambling in recent years to resolve certain insurance liability issues. It wasn’t until September 17, 2014 that the state of California passed Assembly Bill No. 2293, which took effect on July 1, 2015 and which enforces the following insurance coverage requirements for TNCs and their drivers:

  1. TNCs must provide insurance from the moment a driver turns on their app.
  2. Drivers must maintain minimum liability insurance coverage of at least $50,000 per person and $100,000 per occurrence of death and personal injury, as well as $30,000 of coverage for property damage.
  3. TNCs must provide at least $1,000,000 in coverage once a trip is accepted to the moment the transaction is completed or the rider leaves the vehicle.
  4. Drivers must carry proof of insurance, and insurance companies must provide new plans that cover the mixed personal/business use that rideshare drivers exhibit.

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