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motorcycles lane splitting in highway traffic

CHP: Drafting Lane Splitting Guidelines “Very Long, Complex Process”

Motorcycle lane splitting guidelines have been an unwritten rule for what seems like forever in California. Take any motorcycle safety class and the instructor will tell you the same thing: It’s not illegal, but there is no law. For now, the general “suggestion” is to make sure you never lane split going faster than 30…

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shocked driver looking at her phone

Uber Class Action Lawsuit: Important Update

As many of you know, Wilshire Law Firm has filed a class action lawsuit against driving app Uber. Our lawsuit claims that Uber Technologies, Inc. deliberately and systematically manipulated navigational data. The result of their actions was a higher fare to the “rider” and unjust, lower pay for the “driver” for the same trip. Wilshire…

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Bobby Saadian with Mayor Garcetti

Bobby Saadian and Mayor Garcetti Address Concerns for LA Homeless

Wilshire Law Firm’s Founding President & Managing Attorney Bobby Saadian recently attended Southern California’s premier international trade event, the 2017 Select LA Investment Summit, where he was a guest of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti. Located at the World Trade Center in Downtown Los Angeles, the annual summit seeks to pair international investors with local Los…

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30-Day No Fee Guarantee emblem

30-Day No Fee Guarantee, About Time!

Wilshire Law Firm is offering a 30-Day No Fee Guarantee Some people might think that being a personal injury lawyer is all about getting rich at the back of other people’s pain. A thought that often cripples the minds of even the sharpest legal experts. “But how can others criticize personal injury attorneys for helping…

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LA Marathon Wilshire Law Firm Banner

Running in The LA Marathon to Raise Money for Scholarship

Wilshire Law Performance in the LA Marathon Wilshire Law Firm is running in the Los Angeles Marathon. We’re promoting wellness and supporting our community. It’s our firm’s 10th anniversary this year, and we’re reflecting on all our hard work helping accident victims in California, by giving back. As such, we’re raising funds for a first-generation…

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Car Accidents Caused by Speeding Speeding is defined as racing, driving too fast in certain weather and road conditions, or driving faster than the designated speed limit in a specific area. While campaigns to increase using seat belts and decrease driving under the influence are on the rise, speeding still isn’t addressed as much by…

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red commercial truck on road

What Is a Jackknife Truck Accident?

A common term in trucking, the term “jackknifing” refers to when either a semi-truck, tractor truck, or truck with attached trailer, skids and causes the trailer portion of the vehicle to swing out to one side and cause an accident. The position of the truck’s cab in relation to the trailer resembles a folding knife…

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toy car in bubblewrap

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Purchasing car insurance can be intimidating. Not only are you agreeing to pay a large sum of money either in a lump sum or in payments over a period of six months or a year, but you’re also providing yourself protection in the case of catastrophe. Quotes from different agencies can also carry very different…

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Google Maps car on display

Autonomous Cars and Ethical Issues

Car Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles Are Not Far Off Autonomous cars are not the stuff of science fiction anymore. As more and more car manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, their future is becoming more secure. There may soon come a time when there will be more self-driving cars on the road than conventional cars. But…

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First Generation Scholarship

Wilshire Law Firm Team Running in LA Marathon to Benefit First-Generation Student On March 19, 2017, the Wilshire Law Firm team will run in the LA Marathon to raise funds for the “First-Generation Scholarship,” which will benefit one first-generation law student in the 2017-2018 academic school year at Loyola Law School. They hope to raise…

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