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As Transportation Alternatives Boom, So Do Safety Concerns

New transportation alternatives are popping up in California on a seemingly weekly basis. Dockless electric scooter and bicycle rentals are now vying with bike sharing companies in several cities throughout the Golden State. Ideal for the use of e-bikes and e-scooters for navigating crowded city streets may seem, safety and accident concerns have also surfaced.…
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Train Accident

Three Major Accidents Near Southern California Train Lines

There were three separate accidents near train lines in Southern California this week. Two of those accidents happened this past Monday, just a couple of hours apart. In the first incident, two pedestrians were struck by a Metrolink train traveling near Dana Point in Orange County. One of the pedestrians died at the scene. A…
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Commercial Vehicle

Driver Safety And Commercial Trucks

Many residents of Los Angeles and Orange counties woke up to news of not one, but several major big rig commercial truck accidents this week. Among them were accidents in Fullerton and Burbank. In the Burbank crash, early reports indicate that the driver lost control while trying to avoid another vehicle, causing a complete closure…
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Parked Cars On Street

Dangerous Traffic Funneled Down Side Streets

Everyone wants to shave a couple of minutes off from their commute, especially when they’re greeted with a daunting and exhausting 30-minute commute, each way. But at what cost? Nowadays, people heavily rely on apps like Waze, Google maps, and other navigation apps to find the shortest route to and from work. Unfortunately, these apps…
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Deadly Car Crash Near Victorville

It’s important to drive your vehicle carefully to avoid accidents. When you don’t, deadly car collisions can occur. In fact, according to the most recent statistics available, the United States had 34,439 fatal crashes, California being responsible for 3,357 of them. The only other state to beat California is Texas by 50 crashes.1 As you…
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Car Accident

Car Crashes into Bus, Severely Injuring Driver in San Diego

When making a left turn, you need to make sure you are clear to do so. When you’re not clear, severe car collisions can occur. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports more than 5.8 million car crashes are intersection-related. The majority of these collisions were from cars making a left turn. When…
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Cross Walk Pedestrian Accident

Female Pedestrian Struck by Car in Modesto

Walking can be dangerous. It may not seem so, but a single mistake on the part of a driver can kill a pedestrian. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,376 pedestrians were killed in the United States in traffic collisions and another 70,000 were injured! Another pedestrian accident resulting in a…
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Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Kills Rider in Oxnard

What’s the number one reason for a motorcycle accident? Cars turning left in front of them. This may seem like an easy thing to avoid, but it’s never as simple as that. Oftentimes, a car will turn so suddenly, a motorcyclist only has seconds to react, hitting the turning vehicle. In cases like these, motorcyclists…
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Lack of Warning May Have Killed Driver

Drivers need adequate warning as to when they should stop and go. Without proper warning, car accidents and wrongful death can occur. Intersections are especially susceptible to deadly car collisions when necessary signs and signals are missing. In fact, The US Department of Transportation reported that as much as 43% of motor vehicle accidents happen…
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DUI Collision

Drunk Driver Kills Two Students

Spring Break is a time where students can relax and have some fun. Unfortunately, it’s also a time where car accidents spike. According to the Economic Inquiry, the death toll from traffic collisions rose over 9 percent in areas where spring breakers tend to flock! This is equivalent to 16 more traffic deaths a year.…
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