Do Helmet Cams Help Motorcyclists?

Why do you own a helmet cam – Motorcyclists?

Do Helmet Cams Help Motorcyclists A helmet camera is an interesting gadget that enables rider to capture his ride every time. With the help of helmet cams, cyclists can record and relive the exciting moments again and again. But helmet cams can help motorcyclists in many other ways as well. For example, they can act as an unexpected insurance policy in case of an accident. The biggest advantage of helmet camera is that the footage can be used as evidence by your motorcycle accident lawyer if there has been an accident.

How helmet cams can help in case of an accident

When riding a motorcycle often times there are some frustrating situations we encounter. Whether it is a head-on collision or a hit-and-run accident, it is always extremely difficult to prove that the accident was the driver’s fault. In most cases the motorcyclist is blamed while the driver goes scot free, which is quite unfair.

However, there is nothing much you can do if there is not enough evidence. In these circumstances helmet cam can prove to be a powerful and reliable source of evidence, as it enables you to show the footage of the ride to all parties involved when the need arises. The footage recorded by the helmet cam can clarify the situation; as a result, your motorcycle accident lawyer is able to prove your innocence in a convenient way.

Despite all road safety measures that have been put in place in recent years, motorcyclists still remain quite vulnerable on the road. This is often due to poor maintenance of roads or the carelessness of road users. In most cases, it is difficult to obtain witness evidence, even if the accident took place on a busy street.

Most people are reluctant to come forward as a witness mainly due to the fear that it would take a lot of their time to appear in court. However if you use helmet camera, it can act as a convincing and reliable witness. In addition to that, if your helmet has recorded the incident, you will not have to worry about witnesses not appearing in court or changing their testimony.

Using your helmet cam footage in court to claim your innocence

If you have been caught in any motorcycle accident which was not your fault, a helmet camera equips you with unequivocal evidence which can make your case substantially stronger.

Until a few years ago, footage from a helmet camera was not easily accepted as evidence in court, because it fell in the grey area of the law. However, these days it is widely being used as evidence in criminal and civil courts in the same way as CCTV footage.

In order to submit the video recording from your helmet cam as evidence in court, the footage has to be downloaded onto a CD. You are also required to obtain and submit a certificate which proves that the footage has not been altered or tempered in any way from its original digital format.

Your entitlements in case of a motorcycle accident

In case of an accident where you are not at fault, you are entitled by law to claim compensation for the injuries you have suffered and also the money you spent on replacing or repairing your motorcycle.

You can also claim the money you spent on replacing any damaged property in the accident, cost of medical treatment, and also for lost wages due to your absence at work.


If you have sustained an injury during a motorcycle accident, it is important to get in touch with your motorcycle accident lawyer and get professional opinion for claiming compensation as soon as you can.

There is no doubt that helmet cameras can really help motorcyclists, not only to reflect upon and improve their riding skills but also in case of an accident. Helmet camera can provide you solid evidence that can help you prove your innocence, when the need arises.