Andrea Alberico, Esq.

Intake Attorney

Andrea Alberico, Esq., is a passionate Intake Attorney with a focus on Sexual Abuse Law. Since she began practicing law in 2022, Andrea has gained experience in Family Law, International Business Law and Cannabis law. She has dedicated herself to advocating for her clients and providing them with a voice within the legal system.  

Andrea’s legal background is rooted in a strong educational foundation. She earned her undergraduate degree from Florida International University and her Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law. 

Driven by a desire to help those who have experienced hardship, Andrea finds her greatest satisfaction in advocating for sexual abuse survivors. Her personal philosophy is one of continuous learning and empathy, ensuring she understands and addresses the unique needs of each client. 

Inspired by her family’s immigration journey, Andrea is committed to protecting the basic human rights of all individuals. 

“Be a Boss at everything you do” 

In her free time, Andrea volunteers with the International SeaKeepers Society, supporting ocean research and conservation efforts. She also enjoys yoga and snowboarding.