David Vartanian, Esq.

Associate Attorney

David Vartanian, Esq., serves as an Associate Attorney with a focus on catastrophic injuries, personal injury litigation, trucking accidents, premises liability, and wrongful death causes of action. With many years of legal experience, David holds a Philosophy BA Pre-Law from Cal State LA and earned his Law degree from Southwestern Law School. 

A deeply empathetic professional, David’s work is guided by the principle of understanding and caring for others. This philosophy was shaped by a personal tragedy at the age of twelve when he lost his father in a trucking accident. This experience ignited his passion for law, recognizing the pivotal role attorneys play in the lives of their clients, not just as advocates but as counselors. 

In his legal career, David has achieved significant settlements, including a notable auto v. auto case recovering $1.5 million for the client. His approach to representation is encapsulated in the words of Benjamin Franklin: 

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.” 

Beyond the courtroom, David is an avid reader of philosophy, a photography enthusiast, and enjoys visiting museums. During his time at Southwestern Law School, he was a member of the Trial Advocacy Honors program and served as the Treasurer of the Armenian Law Students’ Association. This involvement highlights his dedication not only to legal excellence but also to community engagement. 

David’s unique blend of legal expertise, personal empathy, and community involvement make him a standout attorney committed to helping others navigate challenging legal situations with compassion and skill.