Robert Wargo
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  • Premises Liability
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Robert P. Wargo, Esq.

Law & Motion Attorney

Robert P. Wargo, Esq. is a veteran Law and Motion Defense Attorney who has been representing litigants for more than twenty-eight years. Robert is an expert in the areas of legal research and writing, appeals, personal injury, premises liability, and tort liability. His adept ability to navigate complex legal issues allows him to develop strategic plans to represent his clients’ best interests. He believes in the power of detailed preparation and planning at the outset of a case, and his dedication to representing his clients is shown in his many, varied successes in law. 

Robert is an exemplary professional, and his compassionate approach makes him a vital asset to Wilshire Law Firm. Robert believes in treating others professionally and with empathy and understanding, and this is exhibited in the ways in which he works with those he represents. Although primarily serving as a plaintiffs’ law and motion attorney, Robert has extensive experience as a defense motion and appeals attorney, and he has successfully obtained numerous judgments for clients on demurrer and summary judgment; he has also successfully upheld many judgements on appeal, including judgments obtained for major retail and restaurant chains, small businesses, security companies, universities, public entities, and non-profit organizations. 

“Figure out what needs to be done on your case, whether that be gathering or developing evidence or researching the law, and then do it! And be courteous to others throughout the process.” 

Robert obtained his Juris Doctor from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, and he was inspired to pursue this law degree after taking some graduate communication courses in law and policy at the University of Southern California. Robert obtained his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Duke University. He is a member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), and in his spare time, he sings with Legal Voices, the choir affiliated with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, whose members come from all facets of the legal profession. Robert has been a featured soloist with the group on two occasions at concerts performed at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  

When not practicing law, Robert also relishes travel, theater and opera-going, bridge, cooking, and appearing on game shows, with eight appearances to date. He is currently learning Hungarian with hopes of applying for dual citizenship in Hungary through ancestry.