motorcyclist killed in reseda hit and run accident
On the morning of August 24, a 19-year-old man was riding his motorcycle through Reseda when he was struck and killed by a pickup driver who fled the scene, according to police.

The motorcyclist, identified as Erwan McKeown, was on his way to work at a coffee shop when the fatal motorcycle crash occurred about 6:45 a.m. McKeown was traveling south on Tampa Avenue when the pickup truck, which was heading north on Tampa Avenue, turned left onto Vanowen Street and struck the motorcyclist.

The driver of the pickup continued driving without stopping to provide aid or information.

McKeown died at the scene of the accident.

Police say that the involved pickup was white and had a large bed.

“Anyone with information is encouraged to come forward and report to the Los Angeles Police Department,” said a representative of Wilshire Law Firm. “The culprit needs to be brought to justice on behalf of McKeown and his loved ones.