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Motorcyclist Killed in Oceanside Crash Involving SUV

deadly motorcycle crash in oceanside
Early morning June 7, a motorcyclist was killed when he sped through a red light and struck an SUV at an Oceanside intersection.

According to two police officers who witnessed the events leading up to the fatal motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist was speeding when he crossed against a red light at the intersection of Mission Avenue and North Coast Highway. The time was around 2:30 a.m.

The 27-year-old rider was pronounced dead at the scene. More details about his identity are pending.

The driver of the SUV was shaken up, but not harmed.

Motorcycle accident” is a misnomer because all “accidents” are completely preventable tragedies. The term implies that nobody is at fault or to blame, when the truth is that all crashes can be attributed to driver inattention, speeding, bad road design, or other acts of negligence. In other words, there is always a victim and there is always a liable party that owes that victim compensation.

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