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Navy Man Crashes, Kills 4 at La Raza Run Motorcycle Rally

Published on Oct 17, 2016 by Wilshire Law Firm in

la raza run accident
On the afternoon of October 15, a Navy man was arrested on suspicion of DUI and vehicular manslaughter after his pickup truck plummeted off of San Diego’s Coronado Bridge into a park below where La Raza Run motorcycle rally was being held, killing four people and injuring nine others.

Officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) said that Richard Anthony Sepolio, 25, who was assigned to the North Island Naval Air Station on Coronado Island, was driving his GMC pickup truck when it plunged off the bridge’s on-ramp and fell 60 feet onto a vendor’s booth at Chicano Park.

Witnesses described the ensuing scene as “instant chaos and panic.”

The four fatal victims of the tragic incident were identified as Cruz Elias Contreras, 52, and Annamarie Contreras, 50, of Chandler, Arizona; and Andre Christopher Banks, 49, and Francine Denise Jimenez, 46, both from Hacienda Heights.

In addition to the four fatalities, nine people, including the driver, sustained minor to major injuries.

“One young man’s bad decision has led to a whole lot of pain for a whole lot of people,” said a representative of Wilshire Law Firm. “There are no words for how tragic this story is. Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones.”

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