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Los Angeles is Now Famous for Having the Worst Traffic in the World

Published on Feb 23, 2017 by Wilshire Law Firm in , ,

Los Angeles area can claim the worst traffic in America

Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the world

One could be forgiven for thinking that LA doesn’t need to be on the news. The entertainment capital of the world has enough celebrities and movies to clog all the media outlets around the planet. But it’s indeed the city of Los Angeles the one taking the spotlight for having the worst traffic in the world, according to a recent study by traffic analytics firm INRIX.

The findings place Los Angeles at number one, among 1,064 cities. LA commuters spend 104 hours in traffic, during peak times, the study revealed, making the whole deal a massive loss of about $9.7 billion in productivity and fuel, according to INRIX’s Traffic Scorecard. Talk about a flopping investment!

But why is Wilshire Law Firm writing about this? You might say. It’s, precisely, because many of those drivers in Los Angeles are the same ones, who stress about being stuck in traffic, or maybe late to and from work. The same people who make choices to change their commuting habits; from driving a car to, perhaps, using a motorcycle instead; taking a bus, at times with their bicycle; booking an Uber, or even walking. All to try to lessen the impact that traffic can have on their personal and professional lives.

Traffic creates stress, which can lead to road rage, and that can lead to car accidents. Also, when people are stuck in traffic they want to distract themselves, and they don’t always do that by simply listening to the radio. These days, more often than not, sadly, being distracted on the road means using mobile phones, being on social networks, and texting while driving; at times, with friends and family in the same car. In the worst cases, some people drink and drive. A bad recipe for a catastrophic accident.

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Moreover, according to an investigation by a safety council organization, there are over 4 million drivers in California without car insurance. The last thing one needs, especially when stuck in traffic, is to be involved in a car accident, in which an uninsured motorist makes us the victim of a hit and run crash; leaving us with huge damages, losses and, potentially, severe injuries. So, pay attention!

Although we can’t solve the city’s traffic problems, not even with driverless cars, we can bring to your attention some simple solutions to try to mitigate the risk of getting into a car accident in traffic-crazy Los Angeles. These are just suggestions, which you can also share with your loved ones:

  • Be patient. We’re talking about traffic. It’s not going away, and it’s certainly not going away fast! It’s important to remember that we’re all trying to get somewhere. When we’re patient, we can think clearly, use our common sense and make better decisions at a time of potential crisis; namely, also when someone is trying to cut in front of you, and you’re about to lose it!
  • Get insured. Yes, we know. If you’re reading this article, you probably care about your own safety more than the average person. But the real question here is, do you have the best possible insurance coverage? One that can protect you, and even those who share your household, as a pedestrian and as a motorist, or even if you get hit when riding a bicycle?
    This is a huge deal. Most people don’t know that, if they get hit by a car and the driver at fault isn’t insured or has insufficient coverage, the victim’s claim can go dry; all because the person didn’t have UM (Uninsured Motorist) coverage. Having that particular insurance coverage is the only way for us, personal injury lawyers, to defend you, if the driver at fault has nothing to offer you, for the damages and losses you incurred, as a result of a car accident.
  • Be prepared. With the current climate change issues, to which of course, traffic and pollution have contributed, we’re seeing more and more crazy weather, especially in California. In other words, check the forecasts. If you’re driving in less-than-desirable road and weather conditions, it’s important to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. This could help you or a fellow driver get out of a muddy situation, if it came to it. Also, make sure that your vehicle meets the safety standards and requirements to be on the road. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Be informed. Last but not least, please remember that more traffic means that there are way too many cars on the road. Invariably, you’re more at risk to be involved in car accident, above all, in Los Angeles. It’s important to know your rights, and what to do, if you ever get involved in a car accident. Complacency is, also, killing more people, every day. People tend to assume that they could get into an accident, but they rarely do what it takes to be safe.
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In any case, we’re here to help, and for now, to touch wood that you never have to go through any unfortunate event in life. Not even through the now infamous, world’s worst traffic!

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