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NFL Concussion Settlement: Do I Need a Lawyer?

Under the terms of the NFL Concussion settlement recently upheld by the Federal District Court, former players who have received a qualifying brain injury diagnosis are entitled to a significant monetary award. Under the settlement, the maximum award available for each qualifying diagnosis is as follows:

nfl concussion settlement payout

The amount of the award is impacted by the player’s age as well as the duration of his playing career. Generally, the younger you are and the more seasons you play, the higher your award – and vice versa.

nfl concussion settlement injuries

nfl concussion settlement seasons

Qualification alone does not guarantee you fair payout. If you mishandle any part of your claim, your payout could get significantly reduced or even denied altogether. That is why you need an experienced NFL concussion settlement lawyer who can help you:

  • Maximize your number of credited NFL-eligible seasons;
  • Get the full extent of your injuries properly diagnosed by a qualified physician; and
  • Submit all necessary paperwork before the deadline.

Please be advised: the settlement does not work for everyone. Its limited terms exclude many retired players with legitimate brain injury claims from getting the coverage they need and deserve. In particular, the settlement turns a blind eye to the realities of CTE and denies adequate compensation to living players with symptoms, even though a recent authoritative study by Boston University has established a clear link between repetitive concussions and CTE.

Fortunately, other options for recovery are available. You can take collective and powerful action against the NFL by joining a separate mass torts or class action lawsuit. There are a number of benefits with either option, including:

  • High likelihood of financial recovery;
  • Fair distribution of compensation;
  • Greater efficiency and lower legal expenses; and, most importantly,
  • An opportunity to litigate and create precedent that affects the NFL’s policy, preventing future players from facing the same injustice.
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Whether you plan to pursue compensation under the recent NFL concussion settlement, or wish to file a separate lawsuit, you will need the services of an attorney who has proven experience handling high profile cases with huge potential settlements or verdicts.

At Wilshire Law Firm, we believe that NFL players deserve the highest quality of representation possible, which is why we are ready to mobilize our unsurpassed resources, brain power and personnel to fight an important battle on your behalf. Depending on your goals, our all-star legal team can get you a quick settlement with only 30% attorney fees, or an immediate lawsuit cash advance.

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