5GE by AT&T: Compensation for Misled Customers

After AT&T launched its 5G Evolution coverage, labeled “5GE,” many customers were led to believe they were getting 5G internet coverage on their cellular devices. In reality, 5GE is comparable to 4G LTE.

Fill out this form to see if you’re eligible to take legal action against AT&T and seek compensation with the help of Wilshire Law Firm. If you qualify, our attorneys will reach out to you through email to discuss next steps for the case, which will not require you to pay any out-of-pocket costs at any point.

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5GE Legal Action: Frequently Asked Questions

What is this legal action?By filling out our questionnaire, you are expressing your interest in joining a mass arbitration against AT&T for its misleading “5GE” marketing practices. This mass arbitration is brought on behalf of many eligible AT&T account holders. Arbitration is a less formal type of dispute resolution that allows the parties involved to resolve their conflicts outside of the courts. Arbitration tends to be a faster way to resolve a dispute than a traditional lawsuit using the courts. Instead of a decision being made by a judge or jury, it is made by a neutral arbitrator.Our attorneys at Wilshire Law Firm will gather and present evidence to the arbitrator to show that AT&T misled its customers into believing that they were receiving 5G network connectivity on their cellular devices. In reality, 5GE is comparable to 4G LTE and it is not 5G service.How much money will I receive if I join the mass arbitration?There is no way to determine in advance how much money each plaintiff will receive. This is subject to many factors, including the decision of the arbitrator. Our legal team will strive for the highest level of compensation, and if and when a settlement is offered, we will contact you to inform you of your options.When will I hear from my attorney about my case?After you fill out the questionnaire, our lawyers at Wilshire Law Firm will evaluate your eligibility for this legal action and reach out to you via email. Once your case has been filed, your attorney will continue to send you periodic updates. It may take days or weeks before you hear from us again. This is normal due to the usual timeline of these types of cases, and reasonable in light of shutdowns in various industries resulting from COVID-19.Your attorney will update you when they need additional information or participation from you, or when a settlement has been offered. All communications from our firm will take place through a secure online portal, which will alert you via email when you have received a message from our team.Do I have to provide a screenshot of the 5GE symbol on my phone?Providing a screenshot of the 5GE symbol on your phone can significantly strengthen your case. While it is possible to join the legal action without it, we highly recommend providing a screenshot.